Down a Few – Woo-hoo!

Still keeping keepin’ on.  I haven’t “seriously” been trying, but I have been tracking what I eat.  Yesterday was THE shopping trip – we stocked up on healthier options and made the resolution to cook more from home.  Last night – tacos.  Not that healthy really – except without a tortilla….maybe.  I admit, I had the tortilla.  But won’t tonight.

B: GoNature 2% Greek Yogurt (WW 6)
Banana (WW 0)
S: None
L: Lean Cuisine Pomegranate Chicken (WW 6)
S: Orange (WW 0), Mini Peppers (WW 0)
D: Taco Salad (WW 10)
S: NSA Fudgesicle (WW 3)

Per WW, I’m allowed 37 points per day and have eaten 25.  Will more than likely have to look at adding more proteins to my day.

Onward and upward!

It’s Official: I’m Fat

I was brave enough to step on the scale today – knowing it wouldn’t be good.  I was right – 267.8 pounds. Sometimes, I hate to be right.  Half of me wishes I hadn’t stepped on that Number Bully, but the other half is grateful.  I have a starting place now.  I have work to do, but I know I can do it.  I’ve done it before – several times, as a matter of fact.  It’s the whole “maintaining” gig that I have trouble with.

For me, the easiest thing to do is just start.  Start fresh.  Start new.  Not focusing on what’s behind me, but focusing on what’s ahead of me.  I’ve taken baby steps this week – just by cooking at home.  Which brings me to the reason why I’m thankful that our freezer broke down over Christmas break.  I  cooked.  A lot!  We still lost some stuff, but we did a lot of bulk cooking and I’ve re-energized my love of cooking and my love of reading & collecting recipes.  My love of creating delicious foods and having people enjoy their meal.  I’ve missed that.   My thing though is that I don’t really like measuring things out.  I come from a long line of dumpers that are blessed with just knowing what tastes good.  That being said, in order to be accountable for what goes into my body, I really do need to be more accountable about what goes into my meals.

I did South Beach Diet several years ago and lost over 100 pounds.  I felt great, I had more energy. I smiled a lot.  Then my heart got shattered and I just……….stopped.  Before I knew it, the weight was back – all of it, plus an additional 30 pounds.  I know it wasn’t “literally” overnight, but it truly feels like it.  I wasn’t really aware, if that makes any sense.  And when I realized what I’d done to myself, I was shattered all over again.  I cannot describe the level of self-loathing and embarrassment that comes from gaining back everything that I’d worked so hard for.  I just gave up. It feels like just yesterday, but it’s almost been a decade since I successfully decided to change my life and followed through.

What’s different this time around is I do have several medical conditions, some of which cause me to be in chronic pain on a daily basis.  Others, however, I think can be corrected with mindful eating.  Mindful living.  Exercise though, will have to be on the back burner.  I can walk – and I plan to, Anything more intensive probably won’t be in the cards for awhile.  I’ve had the talk with my doctor and she agrees with me, for now.  Right now, we’re focusing on the food and what I put into my body.  For me, I think tying in the fundamentals with the original South Beach program, along with Weight Watchers is the best course for me.  So that’s the route I’ll go.

To start, I’m just eating as normal, but I”m tracking my foods.  I want a realistic idea of what I’m doing to myself.  The thing is, even as I’m cooking the instant oatmeal, I know it’s crap.  I know I should just make a batch of homemade and go from there. Or even better yet, forego the carbs all together and make a batch of scrambled eggs!

I love collecting recipes and meal planning.  Currently, I’m addicted to Plan to Eat and am enjoying planning our family meals and using the site to create shopping lists that I can either print off, or check off on my phone.  It’s easy and so convenient!

Tonight’s dinner will be this Butternut Squash & Apple Soup recipe I found at Simply Recipes.  It’ looks delicious and will be something new for me – I’ve never tried making or eating a squash soup before.

I think I’ve rambled enough for today.  If you’re visiting for the first time, or revisiting me – thanks so much for stopping by!  Hopefully, you’ll come back and see me again. I’m planning on making updates at least a few times a week, so keep popping by 🙂  You’re always welcome!

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself.  Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.”  ~~ Unknown


Fell Off (Again)………

So, I fell off the face of the earth.  Again.  Not sure who all stops by here anymore – I’m a lot more active on facebook, pinterest, goodreads, or ancestry these days.

Cancer – My sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a few days ago.  We are still reeling from that little bit of news – trying not to over-google it…but still trying to research it just the same.  We’ve joined a few support groups and are just trying to process.  It’s definitely a life changer. We don’t yet know what strain or what stage she is in.  There will be a bone marrow biopsy and a PET scan done within the next week.  From there we’ll know more and then the oncologist will come up with a course of treatment.  The prognosis is good, so although we are scared, we are hopeful for a  positive outcome.  Your prayers are very much requested and appreciated.

Reading – Well, no surprise that I increased my reading goal this year to 110 books.  I’m about 75 in so far….fingers crossed.  It’s nice to know I’ll meet one of my goals this year! (ha ha).

Health – You would think that someone who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic would work harder at making better food choices for herself.  I know what good choices are – I’ve gained and lost a lot of weight over my lifetime.  For me, limited processed carbs works best.  I do better with proteins, veggies, and fruits.  I need to lose the weight – over 100 pounds, as a matter of fact.  I need to cook more at home, less eating out, less convenience foods – more movements, less sitting around.  I need to have more respect for myself and I need to get healthy.  End of story.

Genealogy – Still plugging along.  Still a lot of dead ends and roadblocks, but it is a passion of mine that I’ll carry for the rest of my life.  It is wondrous how connected I can feel to ancestors that lived generations before me.

Down 2.8

Another successful weigh-in this morning!  I’m down -2.8 pounds, which brings me to a total of -8.8 pounds so far 🙂

The trainer at my gym still hasn’t called to schedule a time to do a walk-through so I plan on giving them a call today.  In the meantime, I may start doing the Walk it Out on Wii….the only problem is you use the balance board and I have to hunch a bit so the board feels my steps (not good for the DDD).  Will see.  Otherwise, I do have the Biggest Loser power walk I could do.

Food plan for today:
B: Good Value LF Orange Dreamsicle Yogurt w/ 1/4 c. Grape-nuts (4 pts)
S: Apple w/ 2 Babybel cheese wedges (2 pts)
L: Dev’s Cold Weather Soup (3 pts)
S: Grapefruit (0 pts)
D: Gina’s Asian Chicken Drumsticks w/ salad & ranch dressing (9 pts)
S: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (4 pts)

Looking at my points I need to figure a way to add more food to my day.  22 pts is only about 2/3 of my daily allowance


So, the freezer was a challenge.  I am just not good w/ depth perception stuff and this was sure a learning experience for me.  I did attempt to remove the bolts from the freezer door to no avail….I luckily stopped trying before I completely stripped the bolts altogether.  What I ended up doing is cleaning off one of my bookshelves and moving that to the other side of the room and then I could slide the freezer in from the other side.  Seems simple enough.  Lesson learned.  Next time, I’ll ask for help.

Food plan for today:
B: Good Value Light Key Lime Pie Yogurt w/ 1/4 c. grape-nuts (4 pts)
S: Banana w/ LF Baby Bel (1 pt)
L: Chicken w/ Citrus Glaze & 2 c. Broccoli (8 pts)
S: Apple w/ LF Baby Bel (1 pt)
D: ???
S: ???

Chugging Along

I never did get around to trying to remove the freezer door last night……will make it a priority this evening.  I was just so sore (excuses, excuses); but it sure felt good to relax and not worry about it.

I’m a little disgusted at Costco today – or I should say at Kirkland’s packaging.  I bought a huge can of Peanuts when I shopped the other day, only to find out this morning that they were roasted! Guess I should have read the small print. Not the healthiest snack, but I packed them anyway just in case I get really hungry before I go home today.  I’m not much of a fan of roasted peanuts 😦

Food plan today (so far):
B: Good Value Light Key Lime Pie Yogurt w/ 1/4 c. grapenuts (4 pts)
S: Apple w/ 2 LF BabyBel cheese rounds (3 pts)
L: Healthy Choice Chicken Margherita w/ Balsamic (8 pts)
S: Banana w/ 3 T (31g) roasted peanuts (5 pts)

Day Two

Let’s see……my day started by oversleeping.  I’m normally at work by 7:30 and woke up at 8:15.  Called my boss and she said “Good for you! You must’ve needed the sleep.” Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job??

So, since I was in a rush I didn’t get to make the yummy salad I had planned for lunch.  Luckily, I did have the forethought while shopping yesterday to pick up some Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine meals…so that’s what went into the lunch bag.  Along with lf key lime yogurt, a few fruits, a few veggies, and a cheese wedge.  Point calculations are below, but it is obvious that I need to put in some heartier snacks.  There’s no way I’ll meet my daily point allowance eating this way………..either that or I’ll go into starvation mode and eat them all at night, which isn’t good either.

The freezer is still wedged…..tonight’s activity will be removing the freezer door from its’ hinges and then reattaching it once I get the freezer into the office (I’m thinking positive thoughts!!)  If you’re a praying kind of person, you could maybe whisper in the ear of the Big Guy Upstairs because I am obviously not good at this kind of stuff.

Speaking of the freezer, I am bruised.  Big time – I have a great big purple bump the size of a tennis ball on my left upper arm, I purple bruise the size of a golf ball on the right lower arm, and lots and lots of scratches on my hands and fingers.  Of course, I’m sore.  All over.

B: LF Great Value Key Lime Pie Yogurt (1 pt)
S: None (training new staff so couldn’t fit it in)
L: Lean Cuisine Apple Cranberry Chicken (8 pts)
S: Banana & LF Babybel Cheese (1 pt)
E: Wrestling w/ freezer (pts tbd – ha ha)

One Day Down

I rejoined weight watchers – they have a 40% discount now, along with a join for free campaign:

I went into it today knowing I would have to shop – so didn’t have breakfast :-(, no snacks, 5.25 oz of pork chops w/ 1 c. natural applesauce; a healthy choice for dinner.  Of course, since I skipped breakfast and had no snacks, I still had the feeling of being hungry…so topped off my day w/ a bag of popcorn and a skinny cow ice cream snack…..

So, all in all not a great day eating wise, but I still came in at 26 points for the day.  I also managed to get 2 activity points trying to move my freezer into my office.  Summary of that story is I wedged my freezer into the doorway.  I tried to move it….my grasp slipped a few times and needless to say I have some lovely purple bumps on my arms that will turn into some magnificent bruises later this week……

I have an appointment with a trainer later this week – she’s going to work with me on exercises that will help with my DDD (degenerative disc disease) and will hopefully strengthen up those areas in my neck & shoulder.  Key to this is to not let my pain be my excuse to never exercise.  It just doesn’t work.

Went grocery shopping after work – $250 later I have a well-stocked healthy kitchen again.  I have snacks for tomorrow; lots of veggies, lots of fruits, lean cuts of meat……I’m ready for the rest of the week.


Okay, so I don’t expect to lose overnight – I really don’t.  I have no high expectations that I’m going to miraculously lose this weight over night.  It just doesn’t work like that.  But still?  A 2 pound gain?  Really?  So, to try and be more aware/responsible about portion sizes, I’ve weighed and measured everything and plugged it into weight watchers………….Well, it’s no wonder! My salad all by itself was 12 points!  Breakfast was 8 points……Not horrible, but I could be better regarding portion sizes, etc.

No exercise yet.  I’m in physical therapy for my neck right now and am looking at an MRI in August.  Don’t want to risk it.  I’ve got 2 bulged discs and bone spurs on C3-C4 C5-C6….although I’m fairly certain I had those when I lost the weight before since it stems back to my accident in 2002.  Will more than likely do something like Walk it Out on my Wii until I see my doctor next month.

In other ramblings, Amazon is having a Kindle book sale, and so far 7 of my wishlist books are on it.  I’m going to go broke.  I can just feel it.

I finished reading Fool for Love by Marie Force (loved it by the way)…and have now moved on to The Clearing by Heather Davis.

Lastly, the genealogy bug has bitten just a bit so I’ve been working between MyHeritage and Ancestry quite a bit this week….which is why it took me 3 days to read the Marie Force book.

So as you can see, I’m currently feeding all 3 of my addictions at once.  Go me! (ha ha).

Food Today:
B: 1 c. eggbeaters, 1/2 c. lf mexican blend cheese, 1 c. broccoli (8 pts!)
S: Didn’t get eaten
L: Salad – romaine, 1/2 c. garbanzo beans, 2 slices ham, 1/2 c. mozzarella, 1 green onion, 1.5 oz ranch dressing (12 pts!!)
S: Red pepper, string cheese
D: ?? Undecided yet.  More than likely grilled chicken w/ broccoli & mustard sauce
S: NSA fudgesicle
E: None

So Far, So Good

First day back went well….although I did take a nap in which dreamed I stayed up all night eating Southern food and McDonald’s.:D

I sure shot my wad and then some yesterday grocery shopping – spent $200 alone at Costco and then another $150 at Walmart……so officially broke until payday on Friday.

B: Ham Roll-ups (2 slices of baked ham, 1 laughing cow wedge, 2 green onions)
S: None
L: Salad (1 head romaine, 2 slices baked ham, 1/4 c. lf mozzarella cheese, 1 green onion, 2 T ranch)
S: Artichoke w/ ICBINB spray
D: Grilled salmon w/ broccoli
S: 2 NSA Fudgesicles

Exercise will be pretty limited right now – Although I did clean out my cupboards and fridge and made about 4 trips to the garbage dumpster.