Book Binge Contest

The ladies over at Book Binge are hosting a contest where you get the chance to win an eBookwise eReader! Anyone who’s read my blog knows that it’s at the top of my Christmas Wishlist. I’m new to ebooks and have been reading them off the computer ~ to save my eyes future aggravation, this is just a good investment.

All you have to do is answer 10 questions on your blog/journal and leave the link to your Meme in the comments section of their post. The winner will be chosen on January 5th. Good luck!

Christmas Meme:

1. What is your favorite Christmas romance to re-read each year? I don’t have one. I read new ones every year. To be honest, I haven’t read one yet that I want to reread.

2. What is your favorite Christmas movie/show? It’s a Wonderful Life

3. What is your favorite Christmas cookie? Krumkake

4. When do you start Christmas shopping? This year, I started in October and am already done. Usually, I start the beginning of December and am rushing through the Christmas Crazy crowds.

5. Do you re-gift? No.

6. What is your favorite Christmas song? The Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie

7. When do you get your Christmas tree? I don’t put up a tree anymore. It’s just me, and since kiddo doesn’t come over for the weekends it’s just not worth the hassle.

8. Wrapping presents: Love it or hate it? Both? Hate doing it ~ love it when it’s done.

9. Who is the hardest person to buy for? My mom. She has everything and if she doesn’t she goes and buys it before anybody else has the chance to.

10. Christmas tree: Real or artificial? Artificial

Holidays for the Troops

I initially got this information from Stacy’s blog and then more details from Laurie’s blog:

The third annual Holiays for the Troops project is underway. You can visit Laurie here for more information. Please read below for details about the project, and email Laurie at for mailing info. or with any questions you may have.

Donations of either items to be sent to the troops or checks, money orders or gift cards to be used to shop for and ship items to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are being collected. Please visit Lori Foster’s website for a detailed listing of suggested items in the event you would like to do your own shopping for the troops. In addition to the items on this list, holiday items such as lights, decorations, ornaments, cards, etc. are much appreciated. In return for your donation, your name will be entered in a raffle for some exciting prizes. While the prize bundles haven’t been put together yet, they will be generous and will include books and other goodies donated by authors and various others in the romance community.

The deadline for troop donations will be Thanksgiving Day, and the prize drawings will take place on Saturday, November 24.

Please tell your author friends about this project; prize donations are being accepted through the first of November. Please note that there is absolutely nothing political about this project. It is simply a show of support for the men and women who serve our country.

Let it snow…..

Well, we got snow last night. Not a lot, but it’s a combination of rain, snow, slush and general yuck which makes driving very interesting. It’s pretty and it smells so wonderful outside, but I’m not looking forward to the drive home.

I finished reading the short story “Hot Toy” by Jennifer Crusie in the Santa, Baby anthology. It was cute ~ I chose to ignore the levels of ridiculous that were in the story and concentrated on Nolan and Trudy. They had great chemistry ~ I’ll write more on this later.

I started reading The Pleasure Slave by Gena Showalter last night ~ it sucked me right in and I’m already on page 100. Great story so far. I love how Tristan pushes Julia’s buttons.

Visit to the doctor yesterday went okay ~ all my bloodwork came back normal, so that’s a relief. So now, I go back next week for a bone scan.

Don’t forget!:

The ladies over at Sanctuary’s Finest are doing a fun end of the year giveaway.

Please visit their blog and check it out!

Tagged by Izzy

I was tagged by Izzy and am finally getting around to posting (sorry, Izzy!).

First tag, 6 Weird Things About Me

1) I have to eat food in order. What I mean by that is, say for example I have salad, potatoes, and steak for dinner. I have to eat all of my salad before I move on to my potoes; I then have to eat all of my potatoes before I move on to my steak. And so on and so on.
2) I think the ugliest thing on a man’s body is his legs. I don’t know why ~ I just think they’re ugly. It’s very rare when I see a man’s legs that I like.
3) My teeth tingle when I drink. And I know I’ve had too much when my lips go numb.
4) I read the end of a book before I start it. I know, I’ve posted about it before. But I get teased a lot for it.
5) I’m picky on what I eat mayo on and what I eat miracle whip on. Some people are either or. I’m both. I won’t eat deviled eggs made with mayo ~ it has to be made with miracle whip. Same with ham sandwiches. I won’t eat turkey sandwiches with miracle whip ~ it has to be mayo. Same with tuna sandwiches.
6) Summer is my least favorite season. I much prefer spring or fall. Actually, winter would be my favorite if I didn’t have to drive on the icy roads.

The rules: List six weird things about you. Then choose six people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments

I tag: I tag: Lori, Daniella, Jen, Jen, Stacy, Rosie

Favorite Christmas Songs

My 5 favorite Christmas songs are:

1) The Little Drummer Boy (duet by Bing Crosby & David Bowie)
2) Joy to the World by Nicholas Jonas
3) O Holy Night by Josh Groban
4) There’s Something Stuck Up In the Chimney by Bob Rivers
5) Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins

The rules: List your 5 favorite Christmas songs. Then choose five people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments!

I tag: Lori, Daniella, Jen, Jen, Stacy

Stuff I’ve Done

I stole this from Izzy. Copy, bold the things you’ve done and post.

Here are mine:
01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink
02. Swam with wild dolphins
03. Climbed a mountain (okay, I was in the car, and driving ~ I didn’t actually climb on foot, but got to the top of the mountain, so I’m counting it.)
04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
05. Been inside the Great Pyramid
06. Held a tarantula
07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
08. Said “I love you” and meant it
09. Hugged a tree
10. Bungee jumped
11. Visited Paris
12. Watched a lightning storm at sea
13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise
14. Seen the Northern Lights
15. Gone to a huge sports game
16. Walked the stairs to the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa
17. Grown and eaten your own vegetables
18. Touched an iceberg
19. Slept under the stars
20. Changed a baby’s diaper
21. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
22. Watched a meteor shower
23. Gotten drunk on champagne
24. Given more than you can afford to charity
25. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope
26. Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment
27. Had a food fight
28. Bet on a winning horse
29. Asked out a stranger
30. Had a snowball fight
31. Screamed as loudly as you possibly can
32. Held a lamb
33. Seen a total eclipse
34. Ridden a roller coaster
35. Hit a home run
36. Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking
37. Adopted an accent for an entire day
38. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment
39. Had two hard drives for your computer
40. Visited all 50 states
41. Taken care of someone who was drunk
42. Had amazing friends
43. Danced with a stranger in a foreign country
44. Watched wild whales
45. Stolen a sign
46. Backpacked in Europe
47. Taken a road-trip
48. Gone rock climbing
49. Midnight walk on the beach
50. Gone sky diving
51. Visited Ireland
52. Been heartbroken longer than you were actually in love
53. In a restaurant, sat at a stranger’s table and had a meal with them
54. Visited Japan
55. Milked a cow
56. Alphabetized your CDs (and my movies, and my books….I’m anal that way)
57. Pretended to be a superhero
58. Sung karaoke
59. Lounged around in bed all day
60. Played touch football
61. Gone scuba diving
62. Kissed in the rain
63. Played in the mud
64. Played in the rain
65. Gone to a drive-in theater
66. Visited the Great Wall of China
67. Started a business
68. Fallen in love and not had your heart broken
69. Toured ancient sites
70. Taken a martial arts class
71. Played D&D for more than 6 hours straight
72. Gotten married
73. Been in a movie
74. Crashed a party
75. Gotten divorced
76. Gone without food for 5 days
77. Made cookies from scratch
78. Won first prize in a costume contest
79. Ridden a gondola in Venice
80. Gotten a tattoo
81. Rafted the Snake River
82. Been on television news programs as an “expert”
83. Got flowers for no reason
84. Performed on stage
85. Been to Las Vegas (drove through ~ didn’t stop….does that count?)
86. Recorded music
87. Eaten shark
88. Kissed on the first date
89. Gone to Thailand
90. Bought a house
91. Been in a combat zone
92. Buried one/both of your parents
93. Been on a cruise ship
94. Spoken more than one language fluently
95. Performed in Rocky Horror
96. Raised children (not my own ~ but raised my niece since the day she was born)
97. Followed your favorite band/singer on tour
99. Taken an exotic bicycle tour in a foreign country
100. Picked up and moved to another city to just start over
101. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge
102. Sang loudly in the car, and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking
103. Had plastic surgery
104. Survived an accident that you shouldn’t have survived
105. Wrote articles for a large publication
106. Lost over 100 pounds
107. Held someone while they were having a flashback
108. Piloted an airplane
109. Touched a stingray
110. Broken someone’s heart
111. Helped an animal give birth
112. Won money on a T.V. game show
113. Broken a bone
114. Gone on an African photo safari
115. Had a facial part pierced other than your ears
116. Fired a rifle, shotgun, or pistol
117. Eaten mushrooms that were gathered in the wild
118. Ridden a horse
119. Had major surgery
120. Had a snake as a pet
121. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
122. Slept for more than 30 hours over the course of 48 hours
123. Visited more foreign countries than U.S. states
124. Visited all 7 continents
125. Taken a canoe trip that lasted more than 2 days
126. Eaten kangaroo meat
127. Eaten sushi
128. Had your picture in the newspaper
129. Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about
130. Gone back to school
131. Parasailed
132. Touched a cockroach
133. Eaten fried green tomatoes
134. Read The Iliad – and the Odyssey
135. Selected one “important” author who you missed in school, and read
136. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
137. Skipped all your school reunions
138. Communicated with someone without sharing a common spoken language
139. Been elected to public office
140. Written your own computer language
141. Thought to yourself that you’re living your dream
142. Had to put someone you love into hospice care
143. Built your own PC from parts
144. Sold your own artwork to someone who didn’t know you
145. Had a booth at a street fair (will be, next year)
146. Dyed your hair
147. Been a DJ
148. Shaved your head
149. Caused a car accident
150. Saved someone’s life

Passing the Word

I saw this at Stacy’s blog and am passing the word:

Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, , you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!!

This is a great site.

Please send a card.

Why I Am The Way I Am (Subtitle: Possible TMI)

So, I have a friend who started as a consultant for Pleasure Parties. Her first party is Saturday and I am going along with a good friend ~ you know, for moral support. I talk to my mom today and here’s how our conversation goes:

Me: I’m going to a party on Saturday.

Mom: Will there be wine? (I’ve been known to call Mom after I’ve had one too many glasses)

Me: It’s not that kind of party, Mom. It’s a Pleasure Party.

Mom: Lingerie? Lotions? Erotic sex toys?

Me: Yah, the sex toys one.

Mom: Why didn’t you invite me?

Me: Wanna come?

Mom: Gotta work. Get me a catalog.

Me: Why do you need a catalog? J (her boyfriend) is rechargable.

Mom: To hell with J. Get me a catalog. I can charge my own damn batteries.

Ok ~ so now what do I say when people tell me I’m just like my mother?