Another Drive By Post

Well, I got the job at Barnes & Noble and I start tonight. The interview was fun. She basically asked me like two or three questions and said “Well, I’ve heard enough. I want to hire you. Can you start tomorrow?” So, I start tonight. I’m scheduled for 24 hours between now and Saturday so I probably won’t be doing a “real” post until then. And ~ I won’t just be seasonal. I’m permanent part-time, although I won’t always be working this many hours ~ I think a few nights a week is sufficient, but I’ll work one weekend day if they need me. I did tell her I won’t work both weekend days ~ I need a break sometime 🙂

Quick Post

Well, I got deemed “Employee of the Day” today. Just in fun. I had somebody ask me the age-old question: “How are you?” Well, I could have lied and said fine ~ instead, I replied “I would rather be hung upside down on the Rims by my toenails in a red dress than be here today.” Well, I’m good for a laugh if nothing else.

I gave a presentation to the CEO today and it went really well. I even got an “Atta-girl.” I was told I was going to be playing a key part in the changes that we will be implementing in the near future as far as retention and employee morale goes. What that means, I have no idea. But I was told I did an excellent job of marketing what we needed and our vision for the future of our organization. So ~ yay me.

PS ~ The Rims are sandstone cliffs that surround our town ~ very beautiful, very regal. This is a picture of them.