10 pounds, that is. Gone for good. Which, if I’m honest, is what I gained from my “break” during the holidays. But ’tis okay. I expected it. My goal is to lose another 8.5 pounds before my next doctor’s appointment March 5; and then another 10 pounds before vacation on April 23. I think I can do it. Jeez, I better now since I have it in writing.

With that said, I’ve got to get better at going to the gym. I just hate the New Year’s rush and fighting to even get a machine. If I don’t get an elliptical, I’ll usually do something else, but my heart just isn’t in it. Then, of course, there are always other things that come up. Monday, for example, I was all set to go ~ had to my bag packed and everything; then my sister called and needed a ride home (hubby had been working on her car and was now stuck at home with all 4 kids). Well, I ended up bagging the gym for dinner at my sister’s and by the time I got home, I didn’t want to do aerobics. Tuesday was Walmart and Costco day so hadn’t planned on anything. Tonight should have been gym night, but Mom’s in town so will go bumming around with her instead. Tomorrow, dinner at my sister’s. Friday. Okay, Friday’s a go. I can make that happen. Saturday and Sunday should be free and clear also. Then the week starts all over again. See how easily it comes to avoid? So, I need to get better.

And yay, next week I can start having carbs again. It’s a sad, sad thing when the only thing you’re really excited about is a bowl of oatmeal.

So, where are my fellow dieters out in blogland? How are things going for you? What’s keeping you motivated?


I’ve discovered a few new favorite tv shows. FitTv and Discovery Health are some of my new must-see-tv stations. The National Body Challenge on Discovery Health is awesome. I love it. I also really like Healthy Decadence on FitTv even if Devin Alexander is a tad annoying ~ she’s got some good ideas.


I’m still on the fence about The Biggest Loser. I’ve never watched it before, but decided to tune in this season for some motivation and maybe some tips. Yeah, not so much. A lot of yelling, a lot of pushing limits, and I’m thinking to myself “this is supposed to be motivating?” I’d probably tell them none-too-politely to kiss off and just up and leave. I’m sorry, but yelling at me does not motivate me to do anything except to yell back. Then there’s the whole how-healthy-can-this-really-be factor. The overabundance of excercise and the huge amounts of weight loss within a week’s time just doesn’t seem healthy to me. How are they going to continue those habits when they leave the house? Are they going to be able to maintain/continue losses? Are they learning to lead a healthy lifestyle? What about a support system? The questions keep coming…… Last night’s episode, though, was better than last week’s so I’ll tune in for another week. I just can’t stop myself.

Quick Post

I started back on my diet bandwagon yesterday ~ didn’t exercise because I wanted to go stock up the kitchen instead. Tonight though, I went to the gym. Didn’t exercise as much as I wanted because the ellipticals were all being used so I did 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the cross trainer, then I did some strength training on the legs. Ugh. I wish I would have gone longer, but I was getting a bad attitude waiting around for the ellipticals.

On the reading front, I’m halfway through “Once a Rake” by Rona Sharon. Has anybody else read this? I love it so far.

Let’s see ~ it hit me this morning that my best friend is turning 40 this year. Which means I turn 40 next year ~ which means I turn 50 in 10 years (scary how my mind works sometimes, hm?). Maybe this is the year I’ll change my life.

Vacation plans are all firmed up for Savannah ~ we leave April 23 for 10 days. Our plane tickets are bought and we’ve got our hotel booked. Woo-hoo!!!

And finally a rhetorical question ~ why is it that I feel torn between being healthy and being a bookworm? It’s like I can’t be one without the other and that’s just stupid. I need to find a way to blend these two, because I’m passionate about them both.

Is anyone else plan on watching “How to Look Good Naked” tomorrow night?

Just My Luck

Just as I get hooked on a TV show, I find out it’s cancelled. Has anybody else been watching Journeyman? I love it and finally got caught up on the episodes I missed ~~ then found out today it had been cancelled and the episode that aired on December 19 was the final one.

I guess I should be pacified in learning Moonlight will be getting a second season.

I’m Done!!! and Other Ramblings

Don’t hate me. I’m officially done Christmas shopping. Bought something for Baby J today, one final thing for my mom, and then picked up chew toys, jingle balls, and catnip for my canine/feline nephews and niece. I’m all done!!!! Of course, my house is now a mess of tags and paper while I try to get everything wrapped up.


I’m making an appointment with a dermatologist. The winter dries my skin awful and my legs are one large red rash. It’s disgusting. Hopefully I can get some cream to take care of it.


I ordered take out tonight ~ Thai Noodles and Tom Kha Chicken soup. Except, I dropped the soup. All over my kitchen floor. Dammit. The two bites I got of it were good.


October Road is really disappointing tonight. No Eddie and Janet???? After last week? I’m feeling somewhat cheated and very let down.

Un-freakin’ Believable

I cannot believe Sabrina and Mark were bumped off Dancing with the Stars! She was my girl! Now, who am I going to vote for?? No offense, but how can Jane and Marie stay, and my girl Sabrina go? I really had her pegged to win. Damn, I’m disappointed.

More Ramblings

I Feel So Old!
Did you know that David Nelson turned 71 today? You know, David, from Ozzie and Harriet? Granted, I only know this show through proverbial reruns, but he always seems so young to me. That just blows me away.

Weather Patterns
Today, it’s 80 degrees. It’s a beautiful day today and we’ve beat our record high. Tomorrow, it will be 65. And Friday? Oh Friday, it will be 29 degrees with rain and snow! (Just in time for the James Taylor concert, by the way). Saturday and Sunday? Back up into the 50’s again. Bizarre. I just have to laugh. We have got the most bizarre weather.

Beauty and the Geek

Anybody else watching Beauty and the Geek? I liked last season much better, but I’m starting to get drawn in this season. Any favorites? I don’t know who to root for yet ~ I like them all, but I find myself pulling for Sam and Nicole. I’m not crazy about Sam, but I really like Nicole. Probably because she’s the underdog and I always root for the underdog.

Attention Jane Austen Fans!

MASTERPIECE THEATRE has good news for Jane Austen’s millions of fans: PBS’ beloved British drama series will broadcast adaptations of all of Austen’s six novels, plus a new drama based on her life. It’s the first time in television history that her books have been broadcast as a complete collection.

Beginning in January 2008 on PBS, MASTERPIECE THEATRE is inviting viewers to tune in on Sunday nights for “The Complete Jane Austen”: new presentations of Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Sense and Sensibility. The lineup will also include the acclaimed Emma starring Kate Beckinsale, and Pride and Prejudice, the Emmy award- winning miniseries that made Colin Firth a heartthrob.

Miss Austen Regrets, a true story based on Jane Austen’s own letters and diaries, will be part of the four-month marathon.

“Once we sealed the deal on the four new Austen adaptations, we decided we had to complete the package with Emma and Pride and Prejudice,” says MASTERPIECE THEATRE executive producer Rebecca Eaton. “The biopic Miss Austen Regrets is the frosting on the cake: an intimate portrait of the remarkable woman behind these wonderful stories.”

Almost 200 years after her death, Jane Austen’s popularity continues to soar, with two feature films about her slated for 2007, and numerous books and articles analyzing her appeal.

More info here:


and here:


Studio 60 Anyone?

So, who watched Studio 60 last night? Can I just say how much I love this show?

Those of you who watched, what did you think of what Danny said to Jordan? Or how about Matt and Harriet?

Last night was easily one of my favorite shows of the season. I don’t think there was one part of last night’s show I did not like. It’s going to be a long month before I see my friends at Studio 60 again ~ I’m looking forward to January when it’s back on.