A Beautiful Summer (Fall) Day

I was quite elated this morning when my sister called to let me know that her ex-husband called in sick for his visitation today.  (Long story on this one, and not sure it’s a story I should tell in this format).  So, I got an unexpected fun day with Baby-J ( who is 3 and I really should quit calling her a baby.  It was supposed to be a beautiful day outside today so J and I decided to go to the zoo with a picnic and then play at the playground before ending our day with frozen yogurt.

I should have gone to Subway for our picnic – they have fresh fruit options and your sandwiches can be made to order.  Unfortunately I went with Wheat Montana instead.  Chips instead of fresh veggies & fruits (I didn’t eat them).  Didn’t really like my sandwich, so I ended up tossing out at least half of it. Half of the zoo was closed for refurbishments (which begs the question, why wasn’t the price to get in 1/2 off then???). 

The animals were pretty scarce – I think it was just too hot for them (it was upwards of 90 degrees today).  Boris the Grizzly Bear was out putting on a show – she was essentially just sitting in front of the fence and checking out all the people that were checking her out.  Right across from her, the wolverines were enjoying mealtime, so they were out putting on a bit of a show.  Other than that, the animals weren’t out at all.  J just wasn’t interested though – she just wanted to play on the playground.  So, I think next time we’ll just go to the park.  But, at least at the zoo, I get to walk the trails so I can get some exercise in at the same time.

The sensory gardens were beautiful and there were quite a few trees whose leaves were changing to a glorious red color.  Not to be missed.  That’s one of the reasons I love Fall (even in 90 degree weather).

After 2 1/2 hours at the zoo, I was ready for something cold and refreshing so we headed to town for frozen yogurt. I’m now officially in love with Red Velvet Cake froyo.  And I don’t even like Red Velvet Cake.

I’m so glad we went out to enjoy the day – there won’t be many more beautiful ones like this left before Winter rears her ugly head.

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout (Wii)

Okay, the verdict is – this was so much fun!  Naturally, I did beginner because I haven’t worked out in way, way, way too long.  I intended to do 30 minutes – I ended up doing closer to 45.  The beginner workout was 16 minutes and included a warm-up, latin dance, cardio boxing, jump roping, and a cool down.  I enjoyed it all, but got particularly addicted to the jump roping.  Essentially, you stand on the balance board and do a calf lift everytime you want to jump….there are 7 buff guys (2 holding the rope, and 5 that eventually try to get in the rope with you). At the beginning, I tripped on the rope.  A lot.  But then I got my groove.  I ended up playing the mini-games 2 more times just so I could complete the full jump rope combo and get all those boys jumping with me!  Once I excelled at the jump roping, I then tried the other mini games: Matador (didn’t like it – couldn’t escape the bulls); Bull Riding (didn’t like it – couldn’t quit getting bucked off); Canoeing (Loved it!  You sit on the balance board and row to escape alligators – great fun!); Marathon Race (Okay…you basically pump your arms in order to get your person to run faster – I couldn’t quite master it and kept getting hit by the lions); Sword Fight (Loved it!  You swing your arms like a sword and try to cut branches in the direction the game instructs you to…..and avoid ninjas). 

I will probaby order a second wii remote because it only detects the arms movements of whatever hand has the remote – so you can be rated poorly for missed actions without that second remote.  Not a huge deal – but it is recommended that you use two remotes (although it is totally do-able with just one). All in all – this is great fun and I am excited to do it again!

Plans for Today

I have 2 goals today.  The first is to drink 2 Liters of water; the second is to get in 30 minutes of exercise.  I’ve got two fantastic dance games for the wii – Just Dance and Gold’s Gym Dance Workout.  They both look fun….and they are both sitting unopened in my living room.  Or there’s Zumba.  I LOVE Zumba.  It is so much fun and I do have a few 30 minute workouts I could do there. 

Food Plans for the Day (so far)
B: Eggbeaters w/ mushrooms, ham, lf cheddar cheese
S: 5 Mini Cukes, 1 Baby Bell
L: Grilled Pork Chops, Salad w/ Ranch
S: 5 Mini Peppers, 1/4 c. cashews
D: Steamed Broccoli & Grilled Pork Chop
S: ??? (no plans)
E: 30 minutes
W: 2 Liters (hope for more)

The Second Day of the Rest of My Life

I have a confession to make. I’m a chronic scale junkie. I weigh myself everyday, first thing in the morning right after I use the bathroom. Normally, it keeps me on track. I understand weight fluctuations, so seeing the scale fluctuate a few pounds here or there doesn’t really bother me normally. At least, when I’m good.  When I’m other than good, I tend to forget the fact that I own one.  See, if I don’t know the numbers I don’t have to be accountable.

I know my journey isn’t all about the numbers on the scale. I still need to take measurements – that is something I need to work on.  Maybe a picture….but then again, I hate getting my picture taken because then I’d have visuals. But that’s the thing with shame. I feel such shame at how I look I don’t want any reminders.

Two years ago I was at the other end of this journey.  I was steadily losing.  I could shop anywhere for my clothes ~ not just the plus sections. I felt better.  I exercised everyday.  I made healthy choices and stuck to them.  Now, most of my clothes don’t fit and I refuse to buy bigger sizes.  (Maybe one day I’ll post on emotional eating – that’s my biggest downfall)

So this morning I weighed in.  Down 2.2 pounds.  Yay me!!!  So I wrote it down in my Scale Journal and will talley up the average for my “official” weigh in next Monday.

Today I’m just living for today and the choices I make within these 24 hours.  Can I fit in a walk?  Can I drink more water than I did yesterday?  Can I prep my food tonight so I don’t have to rush to do it in the morning?  Sure I can – the question is what will I choose to do for me today?

Working Out

Last night’s workout was awesome. I started with 30 minutes elliptical, then did 15 minutes stationary bike, followed up by 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. It went well, considering I hadn’t blackened the door of the gym in weeks.

Today, I will be doing the wellness walk at work (if they’re doing it ~ kids are out on school break until labor day), then will do some strength training at home.

P1.5 (24 WW Points)
B: Eggs w/ asparagus & lf Italian cheese (3 pts)
S: Red pepper (0 pt)
L: Agave-Lime Grilled Chicken w/ Asian Inspired Broccoli Slaw (7 pts)
S: English Cucumber (1 pt)
D: Grilled Bass w/ Lentil Salad (10 pt)
S: NSA Fudgesicle (0 pt)
E: 30 min walk; 30 min strength training

6 Inches!

Good morning and Happy Monday! Today’s the day ~ I’m heading back to the gym. Game plan is 30 min elliptical, 30 min crosstrainer, and 15 min bike. We’ll see how I do.

I did go off-plan a few times last week. First was the fair on Wednesday; Second was my best friend’s son’s rehearsal dinner (I’m his honorary auntie); and Third, of course, was best friend’s son’s wedding. Fair food consisted of a corn dog, Indian Taco, a few sips of lemonade, 1/2 of a funnel cake, and a few bites of a teriyaki rice bowl; Rehearsal dinner was pulled pork, coleslaw, beans, frog-eye salad, and cake; Wedding was S&S Meatballs, smoked cocktail weenies, pinwheels, cocktail sandwiches, punch, and chocolate wedding cake ~ then after the wedding a group of us went out for cosmos and white wedding cake.

So yesterday, I went right back on plan and I intend to stay that way, one day at a time.

Took my measurements again last night. The results are as follows:

Chest: 40″
Hips: 41.5″
Belly Button: 41″
Waist: 36.5″
R Arm: 12.5″
R Thigh: 22.5″
R Calf: 14.5″
L Arm: 12.5″
L Thigh: 22.5″
L Calf 15.2″

Which means, I’ve lost a grand total of 6 inches so far!! Go me!

P1.5 (WW 24 pts)
B: Asparagus & Eggbeaters w/ lf italian cheese (3 pts)
S: Red pepper (0 pt)
L: Salad w/ 4 oz grilled chicken, onion, tomato & 2 T feta dressing (5.5 pts)
S: English cucumber, 14 cashews (5 pts)
D: 4 oz Agave-Lime grilled chicken, 2 cups broccoli (6 pts)
S: NSA Fudgesicle
E: 75 min cardio ~ gym

Food Coma

Well, I wasn’t as good at the fair last night as I had planned on being. I wasn’t completely horrible, but I didn’t just have my corndog I allowed for. I had a few sips of my mom’s lemonade, an Indian taco, 1/2 of a funnel cake, a bite of a fried snickers (curiosity got the best of me), and a bite of a fried oreo (verdict is fried snickers are better). Oh wait. And a few bites of Baby J’s terriyaki rice bowl.

Today I’m in a food coma. Oh, and I forgot to take my meds with me to the fair so I didn’t take them until after 11pm last night. So, am feeling very sleepy.

Plan for today:
P1 (WW 24)
B: Broccoli & Cheddar Eggs (4 pts)
S: Red peppers (0 pt)
L: Salad w/ Pico de Galo, 4 oz chicken breast, 1 T caesar dressing, 1 T lf lime vinaigrette (8 pts)
S: English Cucumber (1 pt) (also have 14 cashews on reserve in case I’m really hungry ~ 4 pts)
D: ???
S: 2 SF Lifesaver popsicles ~ (1 pt)
E: 60 min Zumba (-4 pt)

Combining SB and WW

Today, I’m going to start a new program ~ combining SB and WW. I just need some accountability and I don’t have that right now. I always do well started fresh with a new system, so I’ll be doing the point thing for awhile, but also using the tools that I’ve learned with SB. I’ve gotten very relaxed on my intake of things such as nuts, oils, fats, etc., and I need to be more disciplined.

Day 1 in Week Target 24
Food Points Count
Oatmeal w/ SF Syrup -3.5 20.5
Salad w/ 2 T Feta, red onion, grape tomatoes, 1 T Newman’s RF Sesame Ginger Dressing -2.5 18
Buttermilk Salad -3 15
1 Red Pepper 0 15
3 Baby Cucumbers 0 15
14 Cashews -4 11
1 Serving Kraft Snackable Cubes w/ 2% Milk -2 9
60 Min Elliptical 3 12
15 Min Stationary Bike 1 13
Total: 15
Overall A great day! I feel Fabulous!

Restarting and Regrouping

First off, I’ve been blogging more over at my Blog to Lose page ~ so if you don’t see me here, you’ll more than likely see me there 🙂 If you haven’t joined blogtolose.com yet, please do!! Roni has built an excellent, supportive community there. No matter what healthy eating plan you choose to do, I’m sure you can find someone doing the same thing, or at least similar.

Well, Day 1 went by without a hitch. I’m on to day 2. So far, so good 🙂 I plan on going back to the gym tonight for at least an hour of cardio and I may even add in strength training ~ we’ll see. I like doing my strength training at home more, but I will add the resistance machines in every once and awhile. I should correct myself. I like doing my legs at the gym ~ but I hate the arm machines. I’d rather use my hand weights (I alternate between 3lb, 5lb, and 10lb).

I got my newsletter by Jillian Michael this morning and wow ~ God must have known I needed it. It’s all about emotional eating. As I read the article, I got excited. Essentially, it’s 2 questions you should ask yourself before you eat: 1) Are you hungry; and 2) Are you depressed or anxious? I may experiment and actually journal on these questions before I eat. We’ll see. I eat every 3 hours or so, so that may be entirely too much journaling. I suppose I could just update the original blog post as I go.


B: Eggbeaters w/ broccoli & lf cheese
S: Red peppers
L: Salad w/ red peppers, red onion, grilled pork & s&s dressing
S: Cucumber & 1/4 c. soynuts
D: Tuna salad w/ sf pickles, red onion, lettuce, tomato
S: NSA Fudgesicle
E: 60 min gym (elliptical, bike, crosstrainer)

Note to Self

You’re almost 40. Really, what were you thinking going out and drinking last night? This hangover is going to take weeks to go away. Nasty, nasty, nasty. And really. You do have a bit of a potty-mouth once you’ve imbibed in one too many beverages. And sure, you may have been the life of the party, but you will need to face most of those people again when you go back to work tomorrow ~ at least the ones you remember. And right about now, don’t you wish you knew who the guy was that you were having the whole rabbit discussion with? It would serve you right if he’s the new staff you have to train on Tuesday.

PS ~ You’re not really thinking about doing it again next weekend are you? Bad idea.

Returning to the Gym

I’m going to the gym tonight. I need to. I keep thinking I’ll get it in at home, and for the past 3 nights I just haven’t been able to. So, it’s to the gym directly after work to get it in.

Luckily, my contact testers are in so I can swing by and pop those in my eyes before I go. Although, that being said, I think I’ve gotten my eye doctor a bit paranoid because I’ve been allergic to the last 3 sets of testers he’s given me. Turns out, they’re made with silicone, which evidently I’m sensitive to. Darn. There goes my boob job (ha ha). So, he wants me to test my old kind that I’ve never had a reaction to just to be sure that nothing’s changed with them as well.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested ~ I’m posting about my trip to Savannah on my book blog.

B: Eggbeaters w/ LF Mexican Cheese Blend
S: Red peppers
L: Salad w/ edamame, grilled chicken, onion, tomatoes, lf mozzarella, and RF balsamic vinaigrette
S: 1/4 c. cashews, english cucumber
D: Grilled salmon w/ broccoli
S: NSA Jello
E: 75 min gym (elliptical; cross trainer; stationary bike)