What’s Up With Me (also known as making very bad excuses for why I’ve deserted my blog)

I moved in August. Physically I just wasn’t able to live on-campus at work anymore – I’m so limited in what I can do right now, so I just thought it was best to leave.  Plus, I watch J a lot and if I have to choose between spending time with her, or spending time on-call, it’s really no contest. So am trying to re-educate myself on budgets, since I didn’t have to worry about housing & utilities when I lived on-campus.

In February, I started getting another flare-up of my neck/back.  I’ve endured months of chiropractor, physical therapy, doctors, etc., etc…finally in August I had X-Rays and MRI done.  Of course, I’ve known that I’ve had issues with my neck/back stemming from 2 car wrecks in which I was T-boned on the passenger side of my car.  The first time, the truck was going roughly 40 mph; the second one, the car whipped through a red light and hit me going at roughly the same speed.  So, it could be worse; but has left me with a lifetime injury.  Anyway – X-Ray and MRI showed what I already knew – well, mostly.  I do have 2 bulging discs (C3-C4, C5-C6) plus bone spurs, which are pressing onto the nerve roots at the base of my spinal cord which is what causes the burning, tingling, numbness from my shoulder blade all the way down my right arm. Doctor thinks I’m a good candidate for epidurals  blocks, or injections (not quite sure what the difference is between the 3); so am on my way to a neurosurgeon on Tuesday (the same neurosurgeon that did my mom’s surgery last month).  I’ve a bit nervous – I think the worst thing someone can do is research on the internet…….which I’ve done a lot of.

The thing is, I’ve lived with this for 9 years – it wasn’t horrible when I lost the weight 4 years ago…but then again I was very active and exercised everyday. About 3 years ago, I gained the weight back and then some. Now I hurt all the time, so common sense tells me that I would feel better if I lost the weight and got to moving again. The problem is I hurt all the time and don’t really feel much like moving around. But I need to do something.

Which brings me to vacation plans.  The whole family is going to Disneyland next year for J’s 5th birthday.  I want to be in the family pictures, but I can assure you I won’t be at this weight.  Either I don’t lose the weight and don’t get in the family photo, or I get busy knowing what I have to do.