Here we go again……….

So, I’ve been MIA for awhile (thank you Captain Obvious, right?).  What have I been doing, you might (or might not) be asking –

  1. Surgery – I had my capsular release on March 22.  It was painful – extremely painful.  And for the last 5 months, I was thinking it didn’t work.  I still had a lot of pain, still had PT twice per week, and showed little signs of improvement.  But, suddenly this week I realized I actually did feel better. I’m not at full range of motion (yet), but I’ll continue to work on it at home.  As of this week, my doctor was pleased enough to “graduate” me from aftercare and PT.  So, I’m officially on my own.
  2. Uncle – My uncle passed away on Mother’s Day.  Completely unexpected and so devastating for my family – especially for my Mom (he was her triplet brother) and for his oldest daughter.  The blessing in this is that it did get my family talking about things such as Wills, our final wishes, etc.  It also just got our family talking. Period. My uncle was cremated and we had his service the first weekend in July.  It was a beautiful tribute and a lot of family came – cousins I hadn’t seen in over 10-15 years.  We’re making plans to get together more often now.  I really hope we do.
  3. Lifestyle – Weight loss kind of took a back burner while I was recuperating from surgery and it just kind of stayed there.  Until 2 weeks ago.  I started following a Keto lifestyle (high fat/low carb).  The first day was a doozy.  I was lightheaded and felt hungry almost all day ( specifically poor planning on my part).  After that first day, I started feeling better.  I had more energy.  And as time has went on, my pain has become better too.  I’ve even had some days where I felt virtually no pain, other than some soreness.  This has been huge for me because for the past 15 years I’ve lived with pain of some sort.  My body has been riddled with inflammation.  This way of eating definitely has some anti-inflammatory benefits that I am extremely thankful for.

So, that’s me.  What’s been up with you?

Update for today (and the last few weeks).

So, I’ve been wrestling with the same 5 pounds over the past few weeks.  Not sure why, as I’ve been doing good eating wise.  I hate plateaus, I really do.  My mantra lately – this too shall pass.

Our lucky puppies have been getting lots of walks lately – today, they even got 3!  Tuckered them out a little though – they’re both snoring away, not a care in the world.  One thing I pondered today, though, is that our walks our getting more interesting now that I have to hold my pants up.  No joke – I’m in desperate need for smaller sweatpants.  I have to say, it would make for interesting conversation in the neighborhood 🙂

Surgery is three weeks away.  I’m anxious, nervous, excited, determined…..scared, and a bit stressed.  It’s coming fast – truth be told, I’m more scared of after the surgery.  I know it’s going to hurt for awhile — but hopefully, the pain will go away.  Which would be a step in the right direction – I’ve been living with the shoulder pain for almost a year.  Almost anything would be an improvement.

I love stewed tomatoes – they add a level of sweetness to whatever they are in. I made soup last night and used up the last can, so I did a little sneaky chef action and added apples to the mix.  It worked well to add some sweetness and nobody was the wiser…except for me 🙂

I hear crickets…..

Not really, but I’ve been kind of quiet lately.  I’ve got surgery scheduled for next month and I’m a bit nervous.  A kind of anxious -but I feel good about the decision- nervous.  My body lately seems like a car that has just been paid off – it’s starting to nickel-and-dime me.  I’ve got something called “Frozen Shoulder” which really sounds benign,but it has got to be one of the most excruciating things I’ve ever dealt with.  I have searing pain in my shoulder all day, every day.  If someone bumps me, the pain knocks me over it’s so intense.  I can no longer lift my arm past chest level, I can no longer stretch my arm out to the side, I have trouble shampooing/conditioning my hair, have to clip it one-armed….I even have to have my 9-year-old help me with my bra.  It’s been a long 10 months – physical therapy, home therapy, doctors appointments, MRIs, X-Rays, and it’s just not getting better.  Worse, as a matter of fact.  Which is why I ultimately decided to do the surgery.  It was not a decision I came to lightly.  I mean, it’s surgery.  I researched.  I asked my doctors questions.  I talked to my family.  So, I’m at peace.  But I’m still nervous.

I’m down 2 more pounds, so total now is 15.  I’m walking, but not doing much else.  I hope to continue my walks after surgery.  I don’t want to gain the weight back and would like to continue losing.  After all, it’s 90% what you eat and only 10% exercise.

Reading wise – I’m in a funk.  I’ve gotten quite a few good books lately I’m just having trouble focusing.  Hopefully that ends soon – otherwise see some re-reading of my favorites in my future 🙂

“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Weight Watchers Owes Me $$

So, weight watchers is running a promotion right now – Lose your first 10 lbs on us. As of yesterday, I’m down 11 pounds – which means I get 2 more months of weight watchers for free 🙂

My steps are up and I’m averaging roughly 5,000-6,000 per day (not counting weekends, if I’m being honest).  I have found a new love for my fitbit thanks to friends who like to join me on the different challenges available – I don’t win, but I’m in the top 3 🙂


Being Mindful

Mindful – attentive, aware, or careful

What is mindful?  For me, I guess it’s just being aware.  I’m mindful of what I eat.  So far, I’m doing good.  I have work to do, but I’m doing it. I do think it’s time to reevaluate my eating though – specifically my breakfast.  I almost always have the sugary fruit on the bottom greek yogurt – pineapple, mango, or key lime being the 3 I rotate most often.  I need to switch it up w/ proteins (eggs, specifically).  My plan is to cook in bulk this weekend in order to have breakfasts done for the week.

I’m mindful of my movement. I’m blessed to work for a company that gives me 2 paid breaks of 15 minutes each.  They also give us 2 PTO days per year for creating, reaching, and maintaining our wellness goals.  I’m working on increasing my steps every day and so far, am averaging about 5,000 steps per day.  My goal is still 4,000 (until Monday), but I strive to get there every day.  Thank God I can walk – I can’t do much more than that these days, but that I can do.

My other goal is to cook foods I haven’t cooked before.  Parsnips, Rutabagas, Mangoes, Beets – that’s just the start.  I may even (more than likely) share the food and the recipe. I’m looking forward to what I find.

Until next time…..

4,000 Steps

Doesn’t sound like much, does it?  But, I’m sedentary.  My hobbies are sedentary.  My job is sedentary.  So, a goal of 4,000 steps is attainable for me.  My goal for the week is to meet my stepping goal.  The hardest part will be the weekends – BUT I’ve got a plan 🙂  I’ll walk during commercials.  I can do that!

After I’ve met the 4,000 steps per day for the week, I’ll increase it by 500 steps (per day) each week until I get to 10,000 steps (per day), per week.  How’s that for a S.M.A.R.T. goal?

Target-Date (or Timely, depending on the acronym you’re more familiar with)

Today, I came in just barely over my goal.  BUT, it was over my goal! The sound you hear is me patting myself on the back.

As you can see by my points below, my eating is abysmal.  I’m getting plenty of fruits and veggies, but need to add more protein somewhere.

Here’s to tomorrow!



New Home & Accountability Check

Welcome to my new home!  I made it official today by transferring all of my old blog entries to  I’m hoping this will be a fun place to visit and will try to remain positive as much as possible.

Today’s weigh-in: 262.2.  I’m down 5.5 pounds so far.  I’m kind of doing my own thing and have a hybrid of Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet. I try to menu plan as much as possible and use Plan to Eat. They’re awesome, inexpensive, and so easy to use.  I’m a big fan!

Today’s Diary:

B: nothing (my bad!)
S: still nothing (what a day!)
L: Tuna Salad (8 SP)
S: Grapefruit
D: Salad w/ Pork Tenderloin & Vedalia Onion Dressing (6 SP)
S: Grapefruit
S: NSA Fudgesicle (3 SP)

So, food wasn’t that great today – need to be more mindful about the eating.