New Home & Accountability Check

Welcome to my new home!  I made it official today by transferring all of my old blog entries to  I’m hoping this will be a fun place to visit and will try to remain positive as much as possible.

Today’s weigh-in: 262.2.  I’m down 5.5 pounds so far.  I’m kind of doing my own thing and have a hybrid of Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet. I try to menu plan as much as possible and use Plan to Eat. They’re awesome, inexpensive, and so easy to use.  I’m a big fan!

Today’s Diary:

B: nothing (my bad!)
S: still nothing (what a day!)
L: Tuna Salad (8 SP)
S: Grapefruit
D: Salad w/ Pork Tenderloin & Vedalia Onion Dressing (6 SP)
S: Grapefruit
S: NSA Fudgesicle (3 SP)

So, food wasn’t that great today – need to be more mindful about the eating.


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