One Day Down

I rejoined weight watchers – they have a 40% discount now, along with a join for free campaign:

I went into it today knowing I would have to shop – so didn’t have breakfast :-(, no snacks, 5.25 oz of pork chops w/ 1 c. natural applesauce; a healthy choice for dinner.  Of course, since I skipped breakfast and had no snacks, I still had the feeling of being hungry…so topped off my day w/ a bag of popcorn and a skinny cow ice cream snack…..

So, all in all not a great day eating wise, but I still came in at 26 points for the day.  I also managed to get 2 activity points trying to move my freezer into my office.  Summary of that story is I wedged my freezer into the doorway.  I tried to move it….my grasp slipped a few times and needless to say I have some lovely purple bumps on my arms that will turn into some magnificent bruises later this week……

I have an appointment with a trainer later this week – she’s going to work with me on exercises that will help with my DDD (degenerative disc disease) and will hopefully strengthen up those areas in my neck & shoulder.  Key to this is to not let my pain be my excuse to never exercise.  It just doesn’t work.

Went grocery shopping after work – $250 later I have a well-stocked healthy kitchen again.  I have snacks for tomorrow; lots of veggies, lots of fruits, lean cuts of meat……I’m ready for the rest of the week.

3 thoughts on “One Day Down

  1. Yay! Just came through your blog through another blog on here. I also restarted Weight Watchers and am doing great this week so far. We can DO THIS!! Are you on the message boards? Can I find you there? You will see me as RoseBred.


  2. Lori – Yay for you!! You will do awesome – I know it. (I guess you should have sent me that lovely flan dessert while you had the chance – ha ha).

    Rose – Welcome! Message Boards – the one's at weightwatchers? Yes – I haven't posted a lot, but I lurk. My name is auntdelite


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