Blunt Doctor

Doctor’s visit went about as planned.  7 x-rays, disc degeneration, and bone spurs = epidurals and traction.  No surgery, which I wasn’t considering anyway. Doctor also doesn’t want me to take so much flexeril – since it’s a muscle relaxer and what I need is anti-inflammatories….which means Aleve on pretty much a daily basis.  Best thing to do is traction and to start epidurals so they can inject steroids right into the inflamed area….

Oh right, and exercise.  Because, he says as he eyed me up and down and then pointed to my belly, I obviously don’t take care of myself.


Updated to add: 9 hours later I’m still upset.  It’s not like I don’t know what I look like – and who are you to make me feel bad about myself?  PS – My sister wants to know which bedside manner book taught you to be so judgmental and insensitive.

Yup, you’re still a jerk.

3 thoughts on “Blunt Doctor

  1. Hi Dev,
    I think you could use one of these:
    ((((( HUGS )))))

    I hope you feel a little bit better after that because man… you wrote this post almost two weeks ago and if I were you, I'd still be upset, pissed off and quite frankly, VERY HURT. If you're over it and have moved on… more power to you!

    If not, I'm here to encourage you to do so. This doctor is a fellow human being. Nothing more. Just because he has been to medical school and has a practice, it doesn't mean he is any better a human being than you and by no means has the authority to squash your spirit. I know this is easier said than done… because my spirit has been squashed many a time, too. And because I know how that feels, I don't want you or any of my friends to feel that way. It's awful. I'm sorry you were treated so poorly. 😦

    Even if this doctor wasn't ever instructed in effective bedside manners, didn't his parent or guardian or elementary school teacher EVER teach him that “it's not what you say but how you say it?” It's such a simple policy, don't you think?

    He could have been more supportive and given you the positive encouragement you really need. 😦

    What can I do to help you?


  2. Thanks Christine! I so appreciate the support from you – yes, he's still a jerk and I still don't like him. 🙂

    The doctor I had my injections with on Friday was far better and had a much nicer personality.

    You've been doing really well though! I noticed the marathon runs 🙂 I'm not much of a runner, but hopefully I'll at least get to where I'm moving again.


  3. I'm glad you saw a different doctor last Friday. I suggest you request appointments specifically asking the receptionist to NOT have the rude doctor. I'm sure they'd accommodate your request.

    Aw, thanks for the cheers with my races and stuff. I still can't believe how much I've changed over the last two years… it's like I used be a regular exerciser and now I'm an athlete! It's crazy!

    And just for the record, I can't run a marathon! A marathon is 26.2 miles [42 K]. I mostly run 5K races and during my workouts not more than 6-8K. After that I start falling apart at the seams. LOL! But thanks for the support!!

    I hope you get back to where you were before, too. And then you can work on going beyond that!



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