A Small Freakout

I got a call from the doctor’s office earlier this week regarding my mammogram.  There’s a change in the tissue that the radiologist is concerned about, so I need to go in for a second mammogram and possibly an ultrasound.  I’ve done the research – I know that only a small percentage of these things are cancer; that usually something like this ends up being benign, fibrocystic usually.  I was actually calm, cool, and collected until about 15 minutes ago…when it dawned on me that my appointment is only 1/2 hour away.  Like I said before, the chances of it actually being something are so small, but until the radiologist actually tells me it’s nothing, I’m starting to freak out a bit.  At least this time the radiologist will actually read my scan while I’m there and then will move forward from that point.  Mom’s coming with me – seems like no matter how old we get, we’re still Mommy’s babies.  🙂

Updated to add – it’s a cyst!  It should go away on it’s own, but if it doesn’t they may just go in and pop it with a needle.  I have a follow-up appt with my regular doctor on August 3 to discuss.  Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.  It’s much appreciated!!

6 thoughts on “A Small Freakout

  1. I try not to freak out til there is something to worry about but it's hard to keep from thinking “what if?” Glad it isn't anything serious. Take care.


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