Somebody Stop Me!

Truly.  Someone needs to block me from accessing &  Today alone I just bought 8 new books (pre-ordered quite a few also)…..and then yesterday I bought a new LED HDTV.  Darn you QVC and your EZ Pay option!!!

Toddler and I are going to the library tonight and then are going home to make portabella pizzas. Baby wants soup, but she’ll have to settle for the pizzas for tonight.  I plan on slow cooking a pot of soup tomorrow and then will take some to her on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me!

  1. Wena – I completely blame you!!! I was fine until I stopped by Book Binge and saw your recs 🙂 I ordered How to Marry a Duke, both of the Abandoned at the Altar books by LLG, the next 3 Virgin River books (even though I'm still stuck on Paul & Vanni's story), the new Julie James, the next 2 Jill Shalvis, and the next Julia Quinn. Oops. That's more than 8 isn't it? 🙂


  2. LOL, that's too funny. I've been on a pre-order kick lately. I've pre-ordred all of the books that I've been most looking forward to coming out in 2011. I can't wait to read them all too!


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