Friday Finisher (1)

I’ve been doing well.  I’m sticking to my program and started exercising this week.  Have to say, I’m a bit addicted to Wii Just Dance 2 – and am more than a bit disappointed with the Wii Zumba.

I’m happy to say that in my first week I’ve gotten two NSVs already!  I exercised last night even though my “evil” self was trying to talk me out of it; and for the first time ever, I got up early and exercised before work.  Really.  First time ever.  I’m normally an evening exerciser.  Yeah me!

As far as my eating, it’s been great.  The only complaint I have (okay – not really a complaint, per sey) is that I seem to eat and eat and eat (and eat) and STILL don’t get in all my allotted points for the day. I suppose there could be worse things that could be wrong.  I naturally eat a lot of fruits and veggies for snacks – they’re normally my staple so I get the majority of my points from meals.  Last I heard, WW wants you to eat all of your allotted points for the day, but I’m just not hungry and I don’t want/need to eat if I’m not hungry.  So, I’m trying out higher point meals to see if that helps me at all.  Like I said, there could be worse things to complain about.

On the work front, I’m now co-chair of the Wellness Committee.  I’m actually very excited about this and being able to do something that combines my health/fitness/cooking passion and getting to bring it work?? I love it.  Well, so far.  I’m only one week into it 🙂

On the reading front, I got the new Julia Quinn/Eloisa James/Connie Brockway book in the mail yesterday. It was a great surprise because I don’t remember ordering it!  I must have gone onto amazon the minute I heard about it.  I love it so far. I’m also reading Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. 

On the genealogy front, I’m still trying to merge one of my family files into all my other data.  What a task that is!  I have to say I’m enjoying it – I’m working on my Lien side right now so it’s great to reconnect with that part of my family again.

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