Snowed In

Mom was supposed to leave today for Minot for Christmas.  So far, she’s still at the airport.  Darn those snowstorms in the midwest!!  She is still supposed to get out by 3pm today; which will put her into Minneapolis by 6pm……then she won’t leave Minneapolis until 9:40pm (if she gets to leave at all!!) and gets to Minot at 11:30pm.  Yikes!!  Being the loving daughter, I told her “Ya know, if you’d driven, you’d already be there by now!”  Of course, that’s not true – the roads are closed in North Dakota and the plows aren’t even coming out.  I do pray for safe flights and that she gets there tonight – this is the first time she’s been able to spend Christmas with all of her brothers and sisters (7 total!) in about 30 years.

In other news, I’m just ready for vacation.  Two more days and then I’m off for 11 fun-filled days of sleeping in, reading, watching old movies, and doing genealogy.  That’s it.  That’s all I have planned – and I cannot wait!

Oh! If you could, please say a quick prayer for Morgan and her family.  She had surgery this morning and I’m really hoping they were able to get most (if not all, preferably!) of the tumors from her lungs.

4 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Mom's flight got cancelled out of MSP…and they can't get her out until Wednesday! So, we booked her on Amtrak (they are still traveling and so far, are scheduled to be ontime).


  2. Lori – I told her I'm laughing about it now….and she'll laugh about it in a few years 🙂 I do need to see if I can find her Planes, Trains, and Automobiles before we celebrate Christmas!


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