It All Started with an Apple

Well, I haven’t posted as far as my eating/accountability because there hasn’t been much to say ~ except I fell off the wagon BIG TIME.  And it all started with an apple.

My first week on South Beach Diet went really well.  I lost 5 pounds and was feeling great!  But one day (yes, just one) I missed my snack (can’t recall why now) and by the time I got to my sister’s to watch J, I was famished.  My sister hadn’t gone grocery shopping, so there wasn’t much to choose from, so I chose an apple.  Which, in a normal person’s mind, you’d think ~ what’s the big deal?  They’re healthy, right?  Not in my mind – remember, I’m not normal.  In my mind, I’m completely Rigid.

See, the first two weeks of South Beach are the cleansing period.  You eat lots of veggies, lots of proteins, but NO fruits and definitely NO carbs (pasta, bread, etc.).  So, the end of my first week of South Beach I ate an apple…..which led to reduced-sugar caramel sauce (YUK!, btw), which led to frozen yogurt, 1/2 gallon of frozen gelato, Tony’s Pizza Rolls, frozen fajitas, and breaded chicken breasts.  It’s no wonder I feel like a slug right now. 

I have not weighed in – my scale is hiding from me again (either that or I am pretending it doesn’t exist). Either way, it’s a result of my poor choices and I’m owning that.

I guess on the bright side I’ve now eaten all the not-so-healthy junk I had stashed at my house and I can start over again (again).  It’s awful and I feel horrible.  It’s amazing how much power food has over my life. 

3 thoughts on “It All Started with an Apple

  1. Well, hell.
    But you are not alone. Just when I think I'm doing ok, In n Out calls my name sooo loudly.

    It's just not right.

    Hang in there. And BTW, I'm loving this new mix of posts.


  2. It happens. I'm sorry. It's like the “If you give a mounse a cookie..”

    I was supposed to start my diet. No junk food! But some one brought me some peanut butter cups. UGH! I did run today, so that cancels it right??


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