My Genealogy Mystery #2 ~ Solomon Farley

Solomon Farley was a soldier during the Revolutionary War.  For a day.  Then he ran for Canada.  I don’t know much about him except he was from Deerfield, Massachusetts when he enlisted, and he is thought to be the son of Timothy Farley and Sarah Mary Richardson from Billerica, Massachusetts. But so far, I have found no proof of that, or how he is connected (or if he even is!) to the Farley family of Billerica, Massachusetts.

Here is what I know:
Solomon Farley was my g-g-g-g-grandfather. He was born in 1746 in Massachusetts – it is thought that he was born in Boston, but it could also be Billerica, or even Deerfield.  He deserted the Army in 1777 (after his 3rd enlistment) and resided in Peel, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada.  In 1780, he married Mary Margaret Gallup from Massachusetts and they had 10 children.  Some of their descendents later moved back from Canada to Arostook and Washington Counties, Maine. Solomon died March of 1819 in Peel.  Mary died March 1845 in Centreville, New Brunswick, Canada.

My Solomon Farley Wishlist:
*I’d like to know who his parents were;
*I’d like to find how he is connected to the other Massachusetts Farleys;
*I’d like to find out where he was buried and get a photo of his grave;
*I’d like to feel like I know more about him than what I don’t know.

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