It’s No Wonder I’m Tired

I was talking to co-workers today about always being tired.  It’s not from lack of sleep – I get that.  But my dreams are so active, I wake up just tired from all the activity there.  Case in point – I have 2 dreams I remember vividly (or mostly, anyway).

In the first dream, my mom and I were back in Savannah.  Although, it wasn’t Savannah – parts of it resembled the historic area, but in my dream we were inside.  And outside.  All at once….one minute it’s like we are in front of Molly MacPherson’s on Congress Street, and then we turn a corner and we’re inside a mall-type place with a lot of glass and lights (very similar to our West Park Plaza before it got remodelled). I remember an outdoor barbecue place (although it was indoor, also), that was right around the corner of another eatery…and so on and so on.  Further in the dream, my mom and I were sitting in a pub-type place that was completely too crowded.  An older couple (though not elderly) were sitting behind me – they were nasty (mean, not aesthetically).  For some reason I left the table and when I got back, the lady had move my chair out into the aisle on the outside of our table.  She asked me if that was okay and when I replied no, she announced that it was just too bad because that area was “theirs” now (her and her husband’s).  So, I proceeded to move my chair back and our backs would knock at each other).  Our waitress didn’t like this couple.  Either did the owner.  So the nasty couple was relocated to the other side of the pub (although initially it was only one aisle, but somehow my dream miracalously made room for them elsewhere).  After this, my mom tried to give check-chip type things to our waitress for payment (kind of like monopoly money, but not).  She and the waitress then began arguing because Georgia Law was you paid at the til; Montana Law was you paid at the table.  On and on.  So we went to the til to pay and then ended up buying huge turkey drumsticks (think Disney World drumsticks, and quadruple it.  Yeah, that big) with homemade chips and lots and lots of ranch dressing. We also had to steal silverware (??? don’t ask.  I don’t know why). I also remember thinking my Mom really owed me because I’d just started my diet and I was going off it right away just because she wanted barbecue.  I also remember I wanted some little rag-tag joint that was outside (but really inside) and Mom wanted the fancy neon place with lots of glass and lighting next door to it.  That dream ended when we were walking back up the street reminiscint of Congress Street and I belatedly remembered that I hadn’t called my friend Brooke that lives in Savannah to tell her I’d been in town (yes, I really do have a friend named Brooke that lives there).

Then as I’m walking across the street, I’m suddenly sitting in my father’s living room of the house we lived in when I was a little girl (but not really the house) and there were seven ambassadors from around the world sitting on the couch eating watermelon.  One had bright orange hair – she was an older lady with purple pants. I thought she was from Norway…but when I asked her what area she was from (trying to make genealogy connections even in my sleep, evidently) she told she wasn’t from there.  She was from another country (I can’t remember the name now, but it doesn’t really exist).  However, the tan blond guy sitting to her right at the end of the couch said he was from there.  So, when I asked where he was from, he told me “Bergen”.  So, I proceeded to ask him if he knew the Vang, Valdres, Oppland area.  He did….but before I could ask him a question, I was suddenly outside in a green meadow – there were lots and lots of beautiful purple mountain flowers.  And trails – some old buildings.  I started walking (still with watermelon – I don’t know why) – and just as I started up a hill, my alarm went off.

I think I hit my snooze button 6 times this morning, but I never could get back to that mountain.  And I’ve been tired all day.

One thought on “It’s No Wonder I’m Tired

  1. My sleep is really poor if I'm yelling at people in my dreams. I'm not a yeller so hearing myself go verbally insane in a dream is quite a trip and I never quite get that feeling out of my system during the day. Sorry you're tired – I've been fighting my sleep clock now for a month and I still can't tell if I'm coming or going!



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