My First Post in My New Home

I tend to compartmentalize my life. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way it is.  Besides my family, I have 4 passions: reading, health, cooking, and genealogy (not necessarily in that order).  I would like to include travel, but I don’t have the budget to do a whole lot of that (although how I wish I did!). 

To get back to my earlier ramblings about compartmentalizing – I tend to go manic in one direction or another.  When I’m on a reading kick, that’s all I focus on is reading and discovering new authors, and reading, and reading, etc., etc.  I even have (had) a blog to that regard titled (bet you can’t guess what I like to read!). 

Then I tend to go on a health kick and I live, breath, and sleep all things health and weightloss related, focusing all my energy to that area of my life and neglecting everything else.  When I get in this mindset, I spend a lot of time at I also have a blog to that regard at

I also love to cook and create new things in addition to trying new ideas I’ve discovered either in a magazine, or cookbook, or blog, or email list (you get the general drift).  Sometimes (although not often), I would even blog about that at

Finally, my last passion is genealogy and although I don’t blog about it, I have spent my fair share of time at and several other paid and non-paid genealogy sites.  I especially love discovering new connections and becoming acquainted to family I didn’t know I had.

What is my point?   I don’t really have one, really.  This will be my way of trying to de-compartmentalize (is that even a word???) my life a bit and take a bit of the pressure off.  See, when I get in my reading mode, I neglect my health minded friends.  When I get on my health kick, I neglect my reading friends.  And, you guessed it, when I get on a genealogy kick, I neglect my reading AND healthy friends.  Life shouldn’t be that way…and usually isn’t.  Are any of us really that compartmentalized?

With that being said, welcome to my new home.  Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll feel free to leave you one also.  It’ll be an adventure.  Somedays I may talk weightloss, or reading, or some great family mystery…but I’ll definitely try not to be boring.  The operative word here is try.

15 thoughts on “My First Post in My New Home

  1. Yay Dev! I'm so glad to see you getting back to it. I've missed you.

    I hear you about compartmentalizing. I've gotten better about it in the last couple of years, but it's been a struggle for me, too.

    I'm excited that you'll be doing everything right here.


  2. Yay Dev!! I'm so glad you are back and hey, I love reading whatever people are talking about. I actually thought you had become one of Sybil's minions – uh, reviewers 😉

    Off to change the link on my blog side bar!



  3. Hi Cindy!!! I'm glad you like to read, because I tend to be chatty – (8 updates in 2 days??? May be a bit extreme!) I need to go back to your blog and catch up and what you and Bob have been up to.


  4. Awesome, Dev!! I didn't know that you loved cooking and genealogy so much!! I think this is going to let us get to know the whole you and I think it's great 😀 I'm glad to see you blogging again 🙂

    And very nice layout 🙂


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