Sunrise Key Trilogy by Suzanne Brockmann

Just Finished:

Synopsis: Kissed by a phantom at midnight, she had no choice but to surrender….

When Dr. Marshall Devlin spotted Leila Hunt alone on the dance floor, he yearned to charm the violet-eyed Cinderella into his arms, but how could he court the lady when they fought over everything, and always had? Then the clock struck twelve, and Leila was possessed by the passion of a familiar stranger. He’d captured her lips — and her soul — in a moment of magic, but could she learn to love the man behind the mask?

In a debut that celebrates the delights and disasters of falling in love with the boy next door, Suzanne Brockmann wins every heart! He’d teased and tormented her since childhood, hidden his white-hot desire for the woman she’d become, but once a fleeting embrace threatened to reveal his secret, could he make her his forever?

My Thoughts: I enjoyed Marsh and Leila’s story very much! Theirs was a great tale with just the right amount of obstacles to make this an enjoyable reading experience.

Verdict: This was Very Good and really set the bar for me to want to read other Brockmann tales in the future..

Just Finished:
Synopsis: He knew just the right moves to melt her resistance….

Allowing Simon Hunt to play her partner on her latest assignment probably wasn’t Frankie Paresky’s best idea ever, but the P.I. found it just as hard as most women did to tell him no! When a chase to solve a long-ago mystery sparked a sizzling attraction between old friends, Frankie wavered between pleasure and panic. Could the best bad boy she’d ever known be the man she’d always love?

Utterly seductive, irresistibly inventive, Suzanne Brockmann’s merry romp celebrates a love as torrid as the Florida sun – and as steamily passionate as a first kiss! She’d vowed never to be a notch on anyone’s belt or settle for one night only, but could she turn down a dare that promised a real taste of heaven?

My Thoughts: This was the first book I read in the trilogy, and my least favorite of the three. I admit, the pretty cover sucked me in. But in my own defense, the story sounded right up my alley. The problem was there was no angst, there really was no pinnacle turning point of the story. It just was.

Verdict: This was somewhere between Okay and Good. I liked the characters ~ there just unfortunately wasn’t much of a story there.

Just Finished:
Synopsis: His lips made an offer no woman would dare refuse . . .

Funny, charismatic, and one heck of a temptation, Preston Seaholm made a wickedly sexy hero as he rescued Molly Cassidy from tumbling off the roof! The pretty widow bewitched him with a smile, unaware the tanned sun god was Sunrise Key’s mysterious tycoon — and one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. He needed help fending off unwanted advances, but once he convinced her to play along at pretending they were engaged, would he discover the pleasures of surrendering to her temptation?

Weaving a fast-paced tale as touching as it is passionate, as witty as it is irresistible, Suzanne Brockmann reveals the perfect gift for the man who has everything: true love! He promised her the world if that would make her happy, but would a notorious pirate confess that the only prize he yearned to capture was a lady’s heart?

My Thoughts: This was another awesome tale by Suzanne Brockmann. I enjoyed Pres and Molly very much, as well as Molly’s son Zander. I couldn’t stop reading this once I started and it was a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy day.

Verdict: This was Very Good and was a great story to end the trilogy with.

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