Reading Ramble

Bliss is when you find a book you can’t put down.

Despair is when you realize pages 217-249 are missing in said book.

Dilemma is deciding whether to finish the book anyway, or to wait and get a new copy.

I chose to finish it anyway. I’ll read the 30 missing pages as soon as I can get my hands on another copy of the book. It’s that good.

Those who love Westerns ~ have you read the Bad Luck Brides series by Geralyn Dawson? I’m reading The Bad Luck Wedding Dress now and absolutely love it!!!

4 thoughts on “Reading Ramble

  1. I’ve read a couple by Dawson (liked one, hated the other) but generally don’t read her because she tends to write “funny ha ha” books. I don’t “do” funny ha ha romances, and especially not funny ha ha westerns. But you’re not alone. I know some readers who love that series…..


  2. That would drive me nuts (the missing pages)! I don’t think I would finish it though, I’d just be very impatient about it until I could find or buy another copy.


  3. I read a couple of her earlier Western romances but not these ones. I’m more like Wendy – the reason I love Westerns is the grittiness of them. But I AM ever so glad you are enjoying these ones. The more Western readers to the fold, the better!!And yikes on the missing pages! I hate when that happens. I had something like that happen once – it wasn’t missing pages but for about a whole chapter, I had pages of an entirely different book. It drove me crazy trying to figure out what happened.


  4. I read THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS but remember being disappointed a little bit more with each succeeding book. Glad you liked this one though. I got back in a good reading groove by starting a Madeline Hunter series that’s been in my tbr since 2005.


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