Crap (aka Misadventures with Costco Chicken Stalker Man Part Deux)

So I venture into town today to pick up some gift certificates for work. My second stop was Red Lobster, which was gravy because they share a parking lot with Costco. I figured I could just get the gift certificate, buzz by Costco and then go home. You know what they say about best laid plans……

I go into the bar to get the gift certificate. I notice a man is sitting there, but I don’t really “see” him because he’s on my right side, and that’s the eye that I can’t see out of. So I’m chatting it up with the manager, tell her my name and where I work. She pretty much already knew that information because I had called in before I went to town.

Anyhoo…I get the gift certificate and turn to leave. Being the friendly person I am, I smile at the man sitting at the bar……until I notice who it is.

Remember that guy?


I said my name. I said where I worked. I just hope I didn’t say it as loud as I think I did. Or I hope that he wasn’t listening. Or both.

Now I’m just paranoid.


Me and my dumb luck.

Needless to say, I didn’t go straight to Costco. I saved that for last. Luckily, Stalker Man must have gone there earlier to buy his chicken.

What are the odds?

9 thoughts on “Crap (aka Misadventures with Costco Chicken Stalker Man Part Deux)

  1. Lori ~ Unbelievable, right? Julie ~ I hope not. I somehow don’t think so, but who knows?Kate ~ Twice was enough. I hope the “all things happen in threes” rule doesn’t apply here.


  2. You already know my first thought was tazer.I do have to feel sad for the people are the restaurant. What if he’s around those parts everyday? Trust me, there is a waitress somewhere who burst into tears every time the guy walks in the door and asks for her by name.Cindys


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