The Stranger in Her Bed by Janet Chapman

Just Finished:
Synopsis: When Ethan agreed to work at a sawmill his family is purchasing, he didn’t foresee getting fired on his first day. He should be mad at the fiercely outspoken female foreman, but something about her seems disconcertingly familiar–even though Ethan is sure he’d remember meeting a stunning beauty like Anna Segee before.

Anna has never forgotten Ethan–or the schoolgirl crush she had on him before her father whisked her off to Canada. Now the shy, gangly girl is grown up and back in Oak Grove with a new name, new confidence and a newly inherited mill of her own. Her superb reputation in a male-dominated industry hasn’t come easy, but even harder will be ignoring the sexy man Ethan has become….

My Thoughts: Janet Chapman only mildly disappointed me with this second installment of The Logger series (I’ll get to that in a moment). The book gets off to a fun start when Anna Segee fires Ethan for stepping in front of her loader, not knowing that his family is the new owner of the sawmill and, in essence, are her new bosses.

From there, the arguments just keep getting better. The fun just keeps on coming when Ethan moves into an empty cabin at Abby’s property, but invites himself to sleep in her home because the cabin isn’t exactly up to code for anyone to live in. Anna finds him to be as overbearing as her father and four over-protective brothers that she left behind.

I enjoyed the sparks between Anna and Ethan from the start. In that, Janet Chapman didn’t disappoint. What I didn’t like really had nothing to do with the story. It was the fact that Paul, the playboy of the Knight family, wouldn’t be getting his own story. His HEA was tidily pieced together in just a few pages of this book, and really disappointed me. I wanted to see Paul fall for a strong woman just like his brothers Ethan and Alex did.

Like I said, the only disappointment I felt had nothing to do with Ethan and Anna. Their story was excellent and kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Verdict: This was Very Good. I highly recommend it!

7 thoughts on “The Stranger in Her Bed by Janet Chapman

  1. I’ve only read a few of her time travel highlander books. I really liked them and have thought about getting her other books too, namely these ones. I believe I will eventually!


  2. Personally, I prefer the first book. The second was good, but not as good 🙂 Although, it could be because I read it at the bookstore one day when I was bored.I’m also disappointed there isn’t going to be anymore book in this series.Rosie, Dev did review the first book. Just click on Janet Chapman and you’ll probably get it 🙂


  3. I remember reading this and loving the heck out of this book. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I loved both of these books and was so disappointed to find out that Paul was never going to get his own story. It would have been great if he did.


  4. I read this a while back and really enjoyed it. I didn’t realize it was the second book until it was too late! lol I really need to get the other books from my friend and read them,too.


  5. Carolyn ~ It was fun. I think I liked the first book in the series a bit more, but it was still enjoyable.Amy ~ Do! I really enjoyed both of them. I have her entire highlander series in my TBR stacks, and just bought her new one ~ The Man Must Marry. Rosie ~ I did, right before I disappeared for a month.Nath ~ I agree. I liked the first one a bit more. I think I liked this one less just because I found out Paul wouldn’t be getting his own story.Wena ~ I was looking forward to Paul’s story. I hated the fact that he found his HEA within two pages of this one. I wanted to see him crumble 🙂Jen ~ Do! I enjoyed the first one a bit better, but they’re both good!


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