I Fell

Seems I fell off the face of the earth, doesn’t it. Well, I’ve been doing abysmally. Completely fell off the wagon and managed to gain 10 more pounds (I think). Restarted South Beach 2 weeks ago, and so far, so good. I haven’t weighed in yet, but will do so tomorrow. Cold weather’s coming and I need to fit back into my clothes!!!

As far as exercise, I’ve been so busy packing that it’s really my only form of it right now. I’m moving next week ~ still in the same town, just a different area.

I also started back to school again. So between moving, work, family, school, etc., etc., I’m spread pretty thin right now. But after the move next week, I’m hoping things calm down.

So, just know I am alive and breathing. Will do my best to be a better blogger.

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