The Trouble with Paradise by Jill Shalvis

Just Finished:
Synopsis: When Dorie Anderson meets a cute guy, she becomes a huge klutz. But one phone call has turned her dead-end dating life into an adventure: she’s won a trip on a singles’ cruise to Fiji. On board, she soon meets pro baseball player Andy, and the ship’s hunky French doctor. She’s sure she’ll fall head-over-heels in no time. Unfortunately, she’s right: soon, she trips over her luggage right in front of them. Mortifying. But a bigger disaster is just on the horizon. Dorie finds a man murdered in his bunk the same night a storm wrecks the ship, stranding everyone on a deserted shore. It’d be a perfect setting for romance-if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a killer among them.

My Thoughts: I don’t even know where to start. I loved this story. Dorie and Christian? Amazing! From their first meeting before the start of the cruise, was hooked. Poor accident-prone Dorie, and smoldering Dr. Christian, who can’t keep his eyes off her. And the two just seemed to come together from there, in spite of themselves.

I enjoyed the friendships Dorie made with the other passengers on the boat as well. Cadence, Brandy, and Andy were all great additions to this story, as were the other members of the yacht crew: Denny, Ethan, and Bobby. I also enjoyed the fact that there was a bit of a mystery involved in the read, and I literally didn’t know who did it until it was revealed. JS gave each of the characters just enough of an edge, that even though I as the reader liked the character, he/she very well could have been the guilty party.

Going back to the reason I read this: Dorie and Christian. Let me sum it up. Dorie and Christian in the cabin, trying not to succumb to their attraction? Hot. Lagoon Sex? Hot! Shower Sex? Hot.

If you haven’t read Jill Shalvis before, start with this one. JS has written a fun, witty, humorous, romantic read that was a wonderful thing for me to curl up with on a cold, blistery day.

Verdict: This was Excellent. I could not stop reading this story and looked forward to every breathtaking page. Keeper, definitely.

13 thoughts on “The Trouble with Paradise by Jill Shalvis

  1. This is one of my favorite Jill books (along w/ Superb & Sexy). Christian is just to-die-for. I'm so thrilled you liked it! Yes, I'm totally pro-lagoon sex. Who wouldn't be with a sexy doctor administering to your every need?


  2. Ooh I’m so glad you read this book, isn’t Jill flippin’ AWESOME? I ordered the first two (because I Couldn’t find them at any of my bookstores) so I have to be patient and wait for Amazon to work its magic! hehe.But we should totally read them together and do a joint review, what do you say? =)I heart Jill Shalvis!


  3. Jill ~ You’re very welcome. Honestly, I LOVED this book. I don’t think I did it enough justice here, but I could happily gush about this one for hours.Wena ~ Yes, yes she is. Which books did you order? It’d be fun to do a joint review, just let me know when/where.PS, Nath ~ I haven’t forgotten that you and I will do a joint review on something too 🙂


  4. Kristie ~ You’re welcome! I hope you get a chance to read this soon. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.Ames ~ Loved it! I completely agree, it was all good. I can’t rave enough about this one.


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