Joe’s Wife by Cheryl St. John

Just Finished:
Synopsis: Tye Hatcher returned to Aspen Grove to find that life in the sleepy western town hadn’t changed much. The townspeople stubbornly refused to see the man he had become. That is, everybody but Meg Telford. Meg definitely took notice of the reticent rancher and gave him a chance in like when no one else would. Still, Meg clung to the memories of her late husband, afraid of the feelings Tye aroused in her heart. And though Tye vowed to prove his worth to the town, could he ever prove to Meg that he was worthy of her love?

My Thoughts: Cheryl St. John is another new-to-me-author that I just couldn’t wait to try out. I’ve heard so many good things about her, and Kristie raves about this book all the time. So what better book to start off with than Joe’s Wife?

I really enjoyed this story. Tye has always been an outcast in town because of his background, but Meg had always been nice to him ~ even when they were kids. When Meg’s husband, Joe, dies in the war she needs a husband in order to keep her ranch afloat. So she asks Tye.

I enjoyed the elements of family and friendship in this one. The building of the relationship between Meg and Tye was told very well, as was the slow warming of the community towards Tye. The story was very well written and flowed easily.

Verdict: This was Very Good. So good, in fact, I’ve ordered several of CSJ’s back list to be added to the TBR pile. I cannot wait to read them.

15 thoughts on “Joe’s Wife by Cheryl St. John

  1. Super Librarian Wendy was my dealer. She grabbed a couple of CStJ books in a used book store and said, “Read these. You’ll like them.” I’ve read several and think I have a couple left in my TBR.


  2. Isn’t this one wonderful? I just reread it again when it was one of the Guess That Book books and fell totally and completely in love with it all over again. She’s another author I would love to see more readers try because her books are So Damn Good!!!


  3. Stacy ~ It’s well worth it. A very sweet story!Rosie ~ It’s awesome. I’ve got quite a few of CSJ’s backlist now. I’m looking forward to reading more!Kristie ~ I agree. She is very good! I can’t wait to read more by her.Nath ~ I got this from paperbackswap. I think there are still some copies available.


  4. Got your post in my google alerts this morning – thanks!I just picked up a used copy of Joe’s Wife at a flea market – some of my friends don’t have copies and we’re searching. Sad, huh?Saw your Twitter comment. Send me your address and I will send you an autographed copy of The Magic of Christmas.Smooches!


  5. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it. CSJ is a comfort read for me. Anytime I am going through a phase where I can’t seem to find a good book, I pick up one of hers and re read it.


  6. Seneca ~ I’ve got quite a few of CSJ’s backlist now and can’t wait to read them. It’s so great to discover a new-to-me author that’s writing excites me so much.


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