Degree or Not Degree, That is the Question

So, you would think that if somebody has a degree they would know it, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t that be the logical conclusion? Evidently not. See, I attended a business college back in 1993-1994 pursuing an Associates’ in Travel Management. I left in April 1994 after an extended internship which lead me to a job in a travel agency. I never finished. Shortly after that, the college closed down. They went by a new name for awhile and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

Well, since I’m pursuing going back to finish my degree I’ve been trying to locate my old transcripts from the various colleges I’ve attended over the years. San Fernando Mission College (now known as LA Mission College), check. MSU-B, check. Billings Business College? Not so much. They’re not around anymore so I hadn’t pursued it. Until my advisor told me to contact the Montana Department of Higher Education because they should be able to help me locate at the very least an old course schedule or something like that. So, I contacted them on Sunday via email not expecting much.

Monday morning, I had an email back from them giving me the name of Remington College along with their phone number and website. Evidently, they’ve taken over all of the old Business College records. So, I went to their website and put in my request. Within minutes, I kid you not, I had a response from their records clerk. Who stated (and I quote), “I have a copy of your degree here, but am having trouble locating your records”. Evidently the older records are filed by social security number and not by name. So I let her know what my ss was and waited for her to pursue it. My mind didn’t even register the degree thing because I’d never graduated. I thought maybe she was referring to the degree program or something like that.

Yesterday afternoon, she faxed me my records. 60 credits and an AAS degree conferred as of September 2, 1994 in Travel Management. I have a degree???? Evidently I had all my credits, but I never went through any kind of ceremony. I never got a letter (at least not that I can remember) stating I’d achieved enough credits for graduation. As far as I knew, I’d never finished.

Again I ask you: If somebody has a degree they would know it, wouldn’t they?

19 thoughts on “Degree or Not Degree, That is the Question

  1. Izzy ~ I would think so. Maybe because it was a small college, they didn’t do that. I would think you’d have to apply for graduation and all of that, too. But I never did. Again, at least not that I remember.


  2. Nath ~ Definitely nice, but completed unexpected. I agree, it must have had something to do about when they closed, because I truly did not get any notification about it.


  3. Wow, that’s just crazy! I can’t believe they wouldn’t contact you to let you know. Very odd. Does that change your plans for now then? Or does it have no bearing. I’m just amazed…


  4. Holly ~ It really has no bearing. I’m going for my Bachelor’s, which I need 128 credits for. The funny thing is, I now have 120 credits, but the majority of them are all lower level classes. It may effect the amount of time I have to go to school though. My advisor is checking on the credits for me now. As it stands, I should be done no later then next December, but with this new information I may be done even sooner.


  5. cool! Hopefully, a lot of the credits will transfer in in a useful manner. I work in college admissions and I’ve definitely had students who transfer in a lot of credits that end up in free elective hell. I don’t know what the policies are where you are applying, but where I work, students with an A.S. are considered to have completed the gen ed requirements automatically. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with an A.A.S. (not that I even know why…someone makes the rules and just tells us to apply them). Still, I hope your advisor is able to work something creative out for you. Don’t forget about the awesome little thing known as the CLEP test. Some $75 dollars (or whatever it is these days), take a test for an hour, get a good score, get 3 college credits instantly. woohoo!as for degrees…i still don’t have my official diploma from my B.S. I ran away to europe to backpack and finished my last classes via distance ed. the people who i had been living with (where my mail went) moved and somehow my diploma must have gotten lost in the shuffle. lol. i need to see if the college will send me a new one. hmmm.


  6. Did you have a grad party? I have some left over leis from Shmoo’s party. BTW, I’m having the same problem with the business school I attended. As in it no longer exists. Maybe I should contact the State of California. Maybe I have a degree!! That would be soooo cool!


  7. Sula ~ My gen eds are more than covered. I have 60 credits from MSU-B that are all gen eds,in addition to these. See why I’m just so exasperated? I have 120 credits and no degree to show for it!! A BS is 128 credits, for cryin’ out loud.CJ ~ Thanks 🙂 Life is full of surprises sometimes, I have to see.Rosie ~ Check it out. If the college you went to was in the state of CA, there should be a way for you to get ahold of your records. I’d contact the dept of education and see what you can find out.


  8. Stacy ~ I guess you never do. I’ve gone between laughing and being a bit bitter. Imagine if I’d have known?? I might’ve been done well before now. And why is it that MSU-B didn’t know to direct me to MT Higher Education about my credits?


  9. Happy VERY belated Graduation day!I’m shocked and slightly horrified for you. Having a degree can mean different wage considerations but good on you for discovering the great news. Cindys


  10. Cindy ~ I’m glad to know but if only I’d have known 10 years ago! As it stands right now, I’m just waiting to find out how many upper level credits now, I may be able to graduate by June instead of December next year! That’d be something.


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