The Texan’s Dream by Jodi Thomas

Just Finished:

Synopsis: Fleeing trouble in Pittsburgh, young Kara O’Riley has no choice but to travel as far west as her meager funds will take her. And when she is hired as a bookkeeper for a sprawling Texas ranch, she quickly decides that her new employer, Jonathan Catlin, is the coldest, strangest man she’s ever known. He tells her he has exactly one year to make the ranch a success – – but she has a feeling there’s an awful lot more he’s not telling her. For one thing, there’s something odd about the Catlin Ranch. For another, she has glimpsed a hint of tenderness in Jonathan’s gorgeous, haunted eyes – – and suddenly her lonely, aching heart is filled with fire . . . ..

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. I loved the relationship between Jonathan and Kara. I liked the friendship that they built, knowing that they were attracted to each other. I think that Kara complimented him because she was a fiery Irish girl, which I think Jonathan, a self-proclaimed savage, needed. She stood up to him and she stood up for him. Even though things seemed to progress quickly, the story was paced wonderfully and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Verdict: This was Very Good. It is the 5th in the McLain series, so I am anxious to pick up the other books in the series and read them soon.

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