It’s Official (I think)

School starts August 25. I’m freaking out. So many books to read before that time. I want to finish the Marcelli series by Susan Mallery (5 books total), the Guilty series by Laura Lee Guhrke (2 books left), the McLain series by Jodi Thomas (4 books left), on and then thanks to Holly, I just remembered that the Grace Valley series by Robyn Carr is being re-released (3 books). What’s a girl to do????

11 thoughts on “It’s Official (I think)

  1. LOL, take a vacation and read :)You still have at least 3 weeks though, so if you average about 3 books/week, you should be fine 🙂 Plus, the first few days of school are always quiet… by the way, are you going back full-time?PS. You have to read the Grace Valley trilogy!!!


  2. I’m with you. Mine NEVER has stuff out early. To be honest, I probably wasn’t supposed to dig through those boxes…but come on, they were just SITTING there, totally unattended. What was I supposed to do?


  3. Dev, I have to say I’m in awe of your ambition not only for school but to get all those books read. I’m excited to go on my trip, really I am, but staying home and reading and lazing would be awesome too.


  4. Rosie ~ I doubt I’ll get them read, but I’d sure like to. I just have more things to do than the time that’s allowed to do them in. However, I have promised myself at least an hour every night of me time so I can read then also.


  5. Yes, it’s going to be exhausting, but it’ll be worth it 🙂 Go Dev!! Oh and you sould give it a try Dev… the release date of Mira books is really not strict, so you might be surprised 😛Holly, seriously, if they didn’t want us to go through the books, they shouldn’t leave the boxes there.


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