I’m reading. This one sucked me right in.

I still need to post about The Texan’s Dream (Very Good) and The Secrets of Rosa Lee (Good).

7 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Oh wow!! how were you able to find a copy of this book?!?! LOL 🙂 I’ve read the 2 following ones, but never got my hand on the Sparkling one 🙂by the way, was The Secrets of Rosa Lee good?!?!


  2. Stacy ~ I’ve read really great things from her….except her latest series. I tried the first book and it was a definite DNF. This book is exceptional so far.Nath ~ It was in the stacks. Believe me, I really need to post pictures. I dusted it off and started reading after Anne (and I think maybe you??) enlightened me on how good it was. Rosa Lee was good ~ not as good as Twisted Creek, but I enjoyed it okay. My problem was I was so anxious to start other reads, I don’t think I gave this book the attention it deserved.


  3. So jealous!! I’m trying to find the Rosa lee book as well as the Widows of Wichita, both by Jodi Thomas and I can’t… i’m not such a fan of western, but I want more writing by Thomas.


  4. Stacy ~ They're both by Jodi Thomas (Texan's Dream & Rosa Lee). Nath ~ Rosa Lee is the follow up book to Widows. I didn't know that. So, I absolutely have to read Widows now.


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