Combining SB and WW

Today, I’m going to start a new program ~ combining SB and WW. I just need some accountability and I don’t have that right now. I always do well started fresh with a new system, so I’ll be doing the point thing for awhile, but also using the tools that I’ve learned with SB. I’ve gotten very relaxed on my intake of things such as nuts, oils, fats, etc., and I need to be more disciplined.

Day 1 in Week Target 24
Food Points Count
Oatmeal w/ SF Syrup -3.5 20.5
Salad w/ 2 T Feta, red onion, grape tomatoes, 1 T Newman’s RF Sesame Ginger Dressing -2.5 18
Buttermilk Salad -3 15
1 Red Pepper 0 15
3 Baby Cucumbers 0 15
14 Cashews -4 11
1 Serving Kraft Snackable Cubes w/ 2% Milk -2 9
60 Min Elliptical 3 12
15 Min Stationary Bike 1 13
Total: 15
Overall A great day! I feel Fabulous!

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