Destiny’s Child by Barbara Bretton

Just Finished:

Synopsis: Dakota Wylie didn’t claim to understand men… But she did know that Patrick Devane was stubborn and angry and that he refused to let anyone, including his young daughter, get close. Dakota also knew she had no choice but to accept his reluctant hospitality. And he, her bold audacious company.

No woman had ever challenged Patrick so brazenly – while no man had ever seemed so daring and dangerous to Dakota. And no little girl had ever seemed so in need of a family. Now only time would tell if their destiny lay with each other.

My Thoughts: I don’t know what to say, really. I finished it. The writing was okay, not great. I’m truly conflicted is what I am. I wanted more.

Dakota Wylie is a woman of the 90’s who is transported to the 18th century via a hot-air balloon. She’s a Harvard educated librarian who believes herself to be fat and unstylish. Patrick Devane is a good-looking man with a hardened heart and no wishes to have it any other way. He’s also the single parent to 6-year-old Abigail, whom he believes is not his child so he treats her with about as much emotion as one would treat a stranger.

I really liked the history of the Revolutionary War that was involved in this novel. Ms. Bretton did a wonderful job of encompassing the war as part of the story line but not having it take over. The history itself was rich in this small book, but I really enjoyed the idea of a modern day woman being thrust back into the time where we were just the original thirteen colonies.

I did find out after I was finished reading that there were two prior books that dealt with the hot-air balloon theme: Somewhere in Time, and Tomorrow & Always. Although connected, I believe each book could stand on its own because I read this one and didn’t really feel like I was missing anything.

Verdict: This was Okay. With as much as I loved Just Desserts, I expected a whole lot more. I’m afraid that if this had been my first Barbara Bretton book, I probably wouldn’t be tempted to read more by her. Fortunately, I’ve read better from her and know she’s capable of more than what I got in this read.

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