Questions to Ponder

Why is it that people run stop signs just to be the “frontman” in traffic and then proceed to either a) immediately make a left-hand turn; or b) go 20 miles per hour under the speed limit?

Why is it that campers seem to travel in a caravan, driving less than the speed limit, and leaving less than one car length in between each one so to make it impossible to pass??

Why does it seem that dumpster trucks speed up just to block you into your garage and then take forever to dump your trash???

Why do people drive under the speed limit, and then proceed to speed through school zones?

And finally:

Why did I get out of bed this morning??

8 thoughts on “Questions to Ponder

  1. ha ha! I like the camper question because we do that. My parents car us usually loaded with all the food and tents. So it kind of slows them down. The other campers will just drive on ahead. Joey.. no. “I’m following the food.” But joey will leave enough space though.


  2. Jen ~ I know! And I didn’t even talk about the misfortune of having a school bus turn in front of me at the 4-way stop! That was no fun either 😦But, I’m just thankful I didn’t get a tractor today. ’tis the season, and all that.


  3. Izzy ~ Yeah, it was just as interesting going home. Okay, not as bad, but the morons were out in droves. And still, they are building roundabouts here. That’s going to be interesting. Lots of accidents there for sure.


  4. OMG, people who pull in front of you when you’re going 50 mph forcing you to slam on the brakes then they drive 10 miles an hour drive me freakin’ nuts! We have a roundabout where we live, but thank God it’s not that bad.


  5. Stacy ~ I hope the roundabouts won’t be bad, but our drivers here are awful. They don’t yield and they don’t know how to merge, which is why I’m concerned. The first one just opened yesterday, so I’m kind of waiting to see what happens before I go to that area.


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