Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

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Synopsis: Min Dobbs knows that happily-ever-after is a fairy tale, especially with a man like Cal Morrisey, who asked her to dinner to win a bet. Cal Morrisey knows commitment is impossible, especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs. When they say good-bye at the end of their evening, they cut their losses and agree never to see each other again.

But Fate has other plans, and it’s not long before Min and Cal are dealing with meddling friends, wedding cake, a jealous ex-boyfriend, Krispy Kremes, a determined psychologist, chaos theory, a frantic bride, Chicken Marsala, a mutant cat, snow globes, two Mothers-from-Hell, great shoes, and more risky propositions than either of them ever dreamed of including the biggest gamble of all–unconditional love.

My Thoughts: Two words: Loved it! Min first meets Cal when she thinks she overhears her ex-boyfriend and him betting on whether he can get her into bed. So, when Cal oozes charm and asks her to dinner, she says yes thinking that it’ll upset her ex, David, by making him think that Cal may have a chance to win the bet. Besides which, Min needs a date to her sister’s wedding so she thinks she can at least keep him on a string until after the wedding.

After an awkward dinner Min knows she wouldn’t be able to keep him at bay for three weeks, and they part ways thinking they’ll never see each other again. However, they seem to bump into each other everywhere. And the more they try to avoid each other, the more they bump into each other. Oh and then there’s the humorous little accidents they get into while thinking about each other while trying not to think of each other. So eventually they decide to give in and actually try to date for real.

I liked the fact Min was bigger and that she had body image issues. I loved that Cal loved her body as it was and wanted her to eat all the good, gooey, horrible, awful carbs and butter she could stand. What a guy.

Verdict: This was Excellent. The story was engaging and I enjoyed the read thoroughly from beginning to end. Another great for Crusie, and another keeper for by bookshelf.

14 thoughts on “Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you loved it. Isn’t it an excellent story? I love Min. I love Cal. I love the secondary characters. I love Krispy Kreme’s and Chicken Marsala and Elvis. LOL


  2. Holly ~ And Bonnie and Roger, and Liz, Tony, Diana, Shanna. And I love hating Min’s mom, Nanette. They should call her the Beast. Oh, and little Harry! Love him too!


  3. Holly ~ Yes! I loved that the first thing Cal looked at were her shoes. And then later, that was the first thing little Harry looked at too. And I can’t tell you how much I loved it when Cal told off Min’s mother, grabbed a roll, buttered it and then told Min to eat. Loved it!


  4. That has got to be the best part of the entire book. I cheered! I also loved that when he was getting restless at dinner with her parents, he immediately calmed down when she put her hand on his back. Aww.Oh! And I loved the scene in the dressing room when he picked out her rehearsal dinner dress. Hawt!


  5. Holly ~ I agree. Best part of the book. Then there were the last 2 chapters. Loved those, too. Loved how Cal was trying to intentionally blow the non-existent bet. And then when everybody showed up at her little loft after……What a riot.


  6. shysoul

    Ahem…am I the only one here who isn’t in love with the book? πŸ™‚ I liked it, but not loved it. I have never gone back for a re-read.But I admit, this book started my shoe craze! πŸ˜€


  7. Shysoul ~ You may very well be. I think there are others out there who probably didn’t like it as much as I did. Have you read other Crusies that you liked better?


  8. Thus began my love affair with chicken marsala. I’ve ordered chicken marsala and had it in so many incarnations it doesn’t bear repeating… It’s sooooo good when done right.Yeah, gotta love a man who notices shoes. Ya gotta!


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