Savannah Day 9, May 1, 2008

That morning, we sat in the dining room to a breakfast of toast, cereal, and eggs then headed down to enjoy one final day on River Street. There, we slowly walked up and down the walk, sampling pralines, and just soaking in the atmosphere ~ knowing it was our final day. Promptly at 11am, we went to The Cotton Exchange Tavern. Mom had grouper fingers (very good!), I had a shrimp salad sandwich (okay). But first ~ oysters. Of course! This was our final day. And they were good, if not a little small.

After lunch, we walked to the Dolphin Magic stand in order to pay for the 3pm Dolphin Tour. Having a few hours to kill, we again walked up and down River Street, eating samples at Savannah Kitchen Candy and River Street Sweets, and browsing at the different shops. Eventually, we went and sat on a bench right by the river and just soaked in the sun for about an hour before our tour was to depart.

At 3pm sharp, the Dolphin Magic docked alongside the river and soon Tom, the First Mate, was allowing everybody onboard. Mom and I got seats in the back, right by the water, and right in the sun. Our captain, Cindy, then drove us along Savannah River past the Waving Girl Statue, past the Olympic Torch, past Old Fort Jackson, until soon we were on our way to the Atlantic Ocean. And then. A fin. And another one. And another one. Three dolphins all playing out by the buoys! Which makes me wonder. How is it that you’re guaranteed to see a dolphin on every trip? Do they come out and feed the dolphins to ensure that they’ll always be around? Just a question. I just don’t know how else you can guarantee a dolphin sighting. Anyway, the thing about dolphins. They are quick little buggers. When you see one jump, you better just pray your camera is in the ready, because that is the only way you’re going to catch one. I mean it. The minute you see one and then whip your camera up to snap the picture, it’s gone. Just like that. But……I got lucky. I got a few good shots.

The tour was 90-minutes and was a great way to spend our final afternoon. Not only did we see dolphins, but we also got to see a final glimpse at the buildings and statues that we’d seen previously during our vacation. A great way to say goodbye to Savannah; and for Savannah to say goodbye to us.

Side mention. There were a lot of cars parked on the street that day in order to set up for some craft fair that was going on for the next few days. It really ruined any pictures I was trying to take because the cars blocked the sight of the buildings. So, can I just say how much enjoyment I got when we left to see car after car after car with parking tickets on them? Quick. Guess what Savannah’s #1 money maker is? Really. Guess. It’s not that hard. I just gave some excellent clues.

After our cruise, we decided to have another meal so we headed to One-Eyed Lizzy’s. Maybe not the best choice. I’m sure there are lots of better places to go. But it was okay. Mom had the grouper fingers (again! But not as good as the ones at The Cotton Exchange) and I had snow crab (good ). But first. Oysters. Of course. And they were good.

After dinner, we got halfway down River Street to Bernie’s, when Mom got the hankerin’ for some more oysters. I guess it’s fitting really. Bernie’s was our very first meal on River Street; now it would be our last. So we sat, at the same table we sat at on that first day and we ordered oysters. And they were excellent.

After Bernie’s, we walked around for another hour on River Street, eating praline samples, and I can’t speak for Mom, but just putting off the inevitable. It would have nice to be able to freeze time somehow, or at least make it go by slower. I wasn’t ready for vacation to be over yet. I wasn’t done with Savannah! There was more I wanted to do there. Finally, it was time. The sun was starting to set and we needed to go to bed early that night. So, we climbed up the hill to Bay Street and then headed over to City Market. At City Market, we made one final stop at Savannah Kitchen Candy so I could buy two pounds of Pralines to bring home as souvenirs. And then, I smelled the pizza from Vinnie Van GoGo’s. But, the smell wasn’t enough to lure in my Mom. So walked by, but not before I could get in a few parting shots before we left. My final souvenir of Savannah.

When we got back the hotel, our concierge called us a taxi for early morning pick-up. We then went upstairs to finish packing and to get some sleep before we had to leave for home the next morning.

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2 thoughts on “Savannah Day 9, May 1, 2008

  1. Thank you for the fabulous tour!! When we go back for more than half a day I’m following your lead.Katie and I ate at Spanky’s on River Street and had the best hot cheesy spinach dip ever and some great pizza. lol


  2. Jen ~ Thank you for reading about it!! Spanky’s would have been a better choice over One-Eyed Lizzy’s, but one can I say? I buy books for the cover, and evidently I eat at restaurants for the same reason. The sign drew me in.


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