Savannah Day 3, April 25, 2008

At 9am on the nose I called the Lady & Sons to cash in my preferred seating coupon we’d gotten the day before on our tour. I easily got us 1pm reservations, and then we headed downstairs to eat some breakfast and to attempt to drink the sludge they called coffee. The biscuits and sausage gravy was pretty yummy, but the coffee was still bad. We then headed down to City Market to join a horse-drawn carriage tour through historic Savannah. We decided to go with Plantation Carriage Tours, although I don’t think that there’s one that’s better than the other. Our guide was Jackie, and our horses were named Sonny and Cher. According to Jackie, they are just like the real couple. The carriage tour was nice because we hadn’t had a chance to see the squares yet, and this was a little preview for when we went out walking later in our vacation. I took a lot of halfway bad pictures on our tour, but unbelievably enough, I didn’t take any of the carriage we were on!

Once our tour was over, we wandered around Broughton street and window shopped and then went back to City Market to browse before our lunch reservations at Lady & Sons. We ended up going to the restaurant early, but the hostess took my little coupon and directed us inside where we were to take the elevator to the 3rd floor. After being seated, we studied the menu a little bit but I already knew what I was going to have because I’d researched everything to death before we’d even gotten close to leaving for vacation. I ended up with the Tilapia Sandwich, blackened tilapia w/ peach chutney and veggies served with coleslaw; Mom had the Poet’s lunch which was ½ chicken salad sandwich, side salad, and a cup of soup. Lunch, in a word, was abysmal. It was so disappointing to have looked forward to something for so long and have it be less than what you expected. My sandwich was soggy and really had not much as far as flavor goes. I could taste the spices on the fish, but couldn’t taste the chutney and even if it had tasted good, I couldn’t get over the sogginess. Mom’s sandwich reminded me of what we used to get at the grocery store she worked at when I was a little girl ~ actually, the sandwiches she made were much better. The soup wasn’t awful, but it sure wasn’t what we were expecting. Never mind the fact that our waiter who was almost too solicitous when we were first sat, now made himself scarce ~~ although not so scarce that he didn’t have ample time to flirt with the table directly behind us. Anyway, he brought the check, but we still wanted to try the key lime tart for dessert since it was raved about so much on our tour the day before. Even that was disappointing. Not enough tart for my tastes. It needed lots more key lime!

After lunch, I called a friend of mine from the south beach diet forum I frequent and we made arrangements to meet up for coffee later in the afternoon. With those plans set, we headed down to River Street to shop and have some more praline samples. It was soon time to head up Bull Street for coffee at Starbucks and to meet my online friend in person. She and Mom hit it off tremendously as well and then Mom went and blurted out that it was my birthday. Thanks, Mom. We then made plans to get together on Saturday for dinner and then to do a walking ghost tour!

After coffee, Mom and I headed back down to River Street so that we would be close by for when our riverboat cruise boarded at 6pm. Yes, that’s right. Mom and I went on a dinner cruise. It was actually for my birthday. It’s a bit of a tradition, really. On my 29th birthday, we did a dinner cruise on the Branson Belle in Missouri; so on my 39th we did a dinner cruise on the Georgia Queen. I told her for my 49th, we needed to go for a paddleboat cruise in New Orleans 🙂 We’ll see what happens. Back to the Georgia Queen. Mom and I boarded and got our picture taken before we were seated. Luckily for us, we were seated next to the cutest couple ~ the Smiths from a small town right outside of Atlanta. I swear, I laughed so hard I seriously thought my abs were going to burst. The singer on the main floor A.K.A. The Music Man really wasn’t that great. But he gave the place atmosphere, I’ll say that. Soon, it was time to load up. The food was done buffet style and we were told from the get-go that you could make as many trips to the buffet as you could handle. The salad was good. The prime rib was okay, even if they didn’t have au jus to serve with it. The crab cakes looked and tasted like they’d come from the freezer department of the grocery story. Didn’t matter. I still took a picture of them and sent it to my sister 🙂 After dinner, we all went upstairs to the 3rd deck where a DJ was playing some great music and there was lots of dancing going on. The cutest thing I saw was this old woman who had to have been late-80’s dancing the Electric Slide with one of the waiters on the cruise. Despite the food, the cruise was fun and we met some great people that night.

After the cruise, Mom and I wandered around River Street for about 30 minutes (just enough time to get a sample from both of the candy stores!) before we headed back up to our hotel.

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6 thoughts on “Savannah Day 3, April 25, 2008

  1. Dev, I’m going to direct my sister to this post. She was so bummed when we didn’t get to eat at Paula Deen’s place. She’s a major foodie and loves the Food Network. It’s so disappointing to get your hopes up with food and have them dashed. Man, my sister would have had a melt down I’m sure.


  2. Aww, I’m sorry the food sucked.I’ve had one too many of those situations. My cousins’ daycare had a ‘spaghetti dinner’ to raise funds. Basically, pasta, red sauce, store bought meatballs, caesar salad and buns. I’m telling you it tasted great! Meanwhile the weekend before we had been at an expensive buffet style restaurant that had me fearing my stomach would rebel. Ugh.And, (how I do go on) there is a restaurant here that Bob and I swear by but you can only go on a Sat or Sun morning because any other time the food sucks. I have no clue whether they break out the ‘good food’ for the weekend or what. They’ve won countless awards and they haven’t changed any of their decor in probably 50 years. People not in the know would probably be afraid of catching a disease but OMG the breakfast food rocks!!Can’t wait to hear about the next day! And since I don’t drink coffee (or anything hot) I can’t feel your pain 😉CindyS


  3. Rosie ~ We did go back one more time (Mom still had her coupon to use) and the food was much better. But I was expecting something extraordinary since she’s so famous. Mom and I were both willing to go back into the kitchen and teach those folks how to cook. I guess we should have offered 🙂Cindy ~ I think the hole in the wall places are the best places to get food, personally. The places that look like dives usually have the best tasting food.Nath ~ I research everything. You should see all the menus I downloaded prior to our trip!


  4. Hey sweetie, you won the two books on Book Binge so be sure to shoot us an email with your email addy, won’t you?And I’m sorry that your first experience at The Lady and Sons restaraunt wasn’t what you expected…I hate soggy sandwiches too. I’m glad you had a better meal the second time around but it still sucks that it wasn’t all that.I’m sad because I love watching her shows…and to hear that the food isn’t up to par with what I’m expecting just sucks.But it still looks like you’re having a good time..the pictures are great!Hugs!


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