Savannah, Day 1; April 23, 2008

4am ~ My sister picks up Mom and I to take us to the airport (we got there way too early, flight doesn’t depart until 6:30am). We had great seats on our flight from Billings to Salt Lake, so being the tourist that I am, I snapped a few pictures out of the window (see below). We had a 2-hour layover in Salt Lake City, so decided to eat breakfast at City Deli in the airport. Take my advice ~ if you’re ever tempted to eat at the Salt Lake City airport, skip this place all together. It was awful. We also tried a Cinnabon. It wasn’t that good either. Must have been something about the airport.

9am ~ On the flight from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, I nestled in to read some more of Blue Eyed Devil, which Rosie was kind enough to mail me. So, between reading and sleeping, the 4 hour flight went by rather quickly.

3pm ~ We had a short connection time in Atlanta. I completely forgot about the train that takes you to the different concourses and about came undone thinking that we were going to miss our flight. In the end, it was all good and we were soon on our way to Savannah.

(Aerial view of Savannah from my seat on the plane)

5:30pm ~ The Savannah Airport is beautiful ~ well, as beautiful as an airport could be. We easily got our bags and then went outside, were the curbside officers hailed us a cab (Big Mike’s Taxi) and we were soon off to our hotel, The Hampton Inn & Suites Historic District.

6:00pm ~ Our hotel was awesome. At first, while I was researching before our trip, I was starting to have trepidations about it. I wasn’t sure about the location, wasn’t sure if maybe we wanted to go stay on the water instead…I just wasn’t sure. I am so glad we didn’t change our minds, because this was definitely a great place to stay. It was centrally located to just about everything we wanted to see. Sure, we had to do some walking, but we had been prepared for that before we left. And, okay, the breakfasts weren’t great, but they were free and ready when we were ready to start our day.

6:30pm ~ After checking in, we freshened up and headed down MLK Boulevard to Congress Street. Well, we (we meaning Mom ~~ okay, and me also but not to as great of an extent as Mom) were there essentially for Paula Deen and her restaurant, Lady & Sons is located at 102 West Congress Street. We checked on seating, but their earliest available time was at 9:45pm! Okay, so it was a crapshoot, but we tried. So we headed on back down to Congress Street and went to Molly MacPherson’s.

7:30pm ~ We had Crab Cakes, which I took a picture of with my cell phone so I could send it to my sister. See, crab cakes are her favorite and they are all over down there. Yeah, I’m a brat. After the crab cakes, we decided to split a few things on the menu so we ordered the Molly’s Favorite Sandwich ~ sliced oven roasted turkey breast, with cheddar cheese and thinly sliced green apple, drizzled with maple butter and then grilled on rye; and Pasta Primavera ~ marinated vegetables sautéed with fresh pasta and parmesan cheese. Dinner was okay. Not great, but edible. There will be more on this building later.

8:30pm ~ After dinner, we went up the street to City Market. City Market is awesome. There are little artsy shops and restaurants where you can just browse, and shop, and eat. The shops close at 9pm, but there were still a lot of people around because the restaurants stay open late, and because there is live music at the end of the market. The musician there the first night had a great voice. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name ~ all I remember is that his son was coming home from Iraq so he played a lot of his son’s favorite songs.

10:00pm ~ Back to the hotel to get some sleep, but we were getting picked up early the next morning for the Paula Deen Tour.

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