Sugar Daddy

Wow. Just wow. I finally cracked open my copy of Sugar Daddy last night. I couldn’t stop reading. I’m halfway through it already and plan and curling up to finish it tonight. It’s just incredible! If you haven’t read this already (or am I the only one who has been under a rock???) go out and get your copy now!!!

Oh, and is anyone else planning on watching The Memory Keeper’s Daughter on Lifetime tonight? I am, even though I’ve still never read the book.

6 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy

  1. What a coincience, I just read that book today before checking my blogs :). I have read Lisa Kleypas before, but only hr historical novels. I enjoyed this one very much, and am debating whether I want to buy Blue-Eyed Devil or not.


  2. Rosie ~ You’re absolutely welcome! I almost forgot about it ~ luckily there was a commercial on last night or I would have missed it. And woot(!!!!) on vacation. Just a little over a week away, although I hate to admit that I’ve been eating like I was already there.TC ~ I’ve heard all sorts of good things about BED. I’m hoping to get Sugar Daddy finished up so that I can get BED from the library before I go on vacation. I’ll definitely be buying it when it comes out on paperback.Izzy ~ I bought it the day it came out on paperback (actually walmart had it out a week early), but just not got around to cracking it open. And, maybe I missed it, but what happened to your blog????Kristie ~ Love it!! And I’ll be buying BED when it comes out on paperback ~ even if I didn’t want to read it, I’d have to buy it anyway just because LK wrote a dedication to you šŸ™‚


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