Bottomless Pit, Part 2

Okay, so I still feel hungry all the time. Now I’m crampy which means that hopefully TOM will make it’s appearance and I’ll be done with this mindless eating.

4 thoughts on “Bottomless Pit, Part 2

  1. Uggg so been there. Its like no matter how much you eat you just want more and more and more. Hate days like that. Hope things are better now. Isnt the weather just beautiful today!! I think we will have to wander up to Lake Elmo this afternoon. Just to nice to stay home =0) Hope you are having a super weekend!*huggles* =0)


  2. Felicia ~ The weather’s been beautiful! I can’t believe I haven’t been out enjoying it more.Lisa ~ I finally got mine today and went back on plan yesterday, so hopefully didn’t do too much damage. I haven’t been on the scale at all, and probably won’t until I get back from vacation.


  3. OH no that sucks!! I spent most of the day out yesterday. Today SUCKS. What is up with the winter returning weather *sigh*. Windy cold and crappy figures lol. Oh well guess as long as it straightens up by the weekend its ok right *grin*.Have a super week!*huggles*Felicia =0)


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