Zumba! ~ Opinion

The new Zumba DVDs are okay, but I like the older ones I have much better. The workouts are much more fun on the older version. The new ones are far too commercialized. Everyone is wearing Zumba gear and there is too much time spent listening to funky zumba music in between dances.

Truthfully, I’ve watched more than I’ve worked out to this. So far, I’ve done the Toning Workout with the Zumba toning sticks (they are virtually weightless). It was okay. 45 minutes and I sweated some. The abs workout was *meh* ~ but I really wasn’t much in the mood for it, so I’ll try it again before I completely say whether I liked it or not.

In the meantime, I’m anxiously waiting for The Biggest Loser workouts and the Jillian Michaels toning DVDs I ordered.

2 thoughts on “Zumba! ~ Opinion

  1. One of my students told me about Zumba, and I’m very anxious to try it. She goes to a local dance studio to take classes, and had encouraged me to go and try it out. I had no idea they had videos, although I should’ve guessed they did, considering they have workout gear. Maybe I’ll buy the DVDs first and then see about going to a real class. I just bought the Jillian Michael’s Beginners Frontside/Backside DVDs, and love them! I’d be interested in hearing how the toning DVDs are.


  2. Bella ~ I was mistaken about the Zumba. The more I’ve done them, the more I like them.The JM DVD’s I got were the frontside/backside ones, also. I don’t know why I said toning. I’m addicted to them!


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