9 thoughts on “Letter to My Sick Coworkers

  1. Oh i hate when that happens!!!! We had one lady who looked horrible. She was coughing and hacking. And she wouldn’t go home because she didn’t want to get her grand daughter sick. Ugh. a few days later half our unit was missing because of her.Hope you feel better dev! Get plenty of rest. (oh that was me deleted the comment. I got trigger happy.)


  2. Izzy ~ For some reason I was thinking of you when I posted. I’m not bad right now ~ just a tickle/burn in my throat, but earlier I was queasy too. I’m just finishing up what HAS to be done today and then I’m gonna go home and rest up. Ugh. Why can’t people just stay home when they’re sick.


  3. We had somebody come to work sick Monday and today two people went home coughing, sneezing and hacking. I’m bringing my Lysol disinfectant wipes to work tomorrow and give the place the once over….especially the phones.


  4. *stands, applauds and lots of ‘Yeah, yeah!!’*I don’t have a job but I get furious with people who won’t take a bloody sick day. (Honestly, I have figured out there are people who don’t get paid for sick leave and that pisses me off too) I tell Bob all the time the next plague is going to fly through the population because people suck 😉I really hope you are feeling better!CindyS


  5. Oh it’s been awful at work. 2 of my co-workers called in sick yesterday, and 2 people came into the office looking for kleenex. And it’s not the simple cold that’s going around, but something worse. So not happy about that.Feel better Dev.


  6. Ah – that bites. I was training a new person a couple of weeks ago and was coming down with a cold. I ended up taking a day and a half off – not really so much ’cause I was real sick – but more because we were working so closely together and I didn’t want her coming down with what I had – only worse.


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