Well, the elliptical just about kicked me in the a$$ tonight. I changed the settings on it to random instead of “quick start” ~ usually I just switch the levels around and make sure I do at least a few minutes of every level between 6 and 15. L13 on random was about as high as I could go, and that got my heart pumping big time. I still got my 60 minutes, but let me tell you I was wiped by the time I was done. Then, I did my 15 minutes on the bike and changed the settings on that one also. I usually do random; today I did cardio. Usually, the bike is my “cool down”. Not so today ~ I think I my heartrate was as high when I was finished the bike as it was when I first started.


Still need to post my thoughts on When There is Hope. I’m planning on tomorrow.


Cindy tagged me for a meme. I’ll get it done this weekend.


I’ve marked a bunch of blog posts that I need to go back and comment on. I have to say, I’m a fan of bloglines. I’ll hopefully catch up on your posts this weekend also. I actually get a slug day this week, so I should have plenty of time to catch up.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Nath ~ I’ve still got about 30 lbs to lose so I’m trying new things so I don’t get bored.Hey, if I don’t have new posts going up, the least I can do is comment on my friends’ blogs.


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