My Journey

September 11, 2005 ~ weight 216 lbs:
Today’s the day. I’m shopping today and tomorrow will be starting South Beach. I’ve spent a lifetime dieting/not-dieting, succeeding, gaining what I’d lost back, plus an extra 10-20 pounds. Now I find myself at 36 and over 100 pounds overweight. I can say “I don’t know how it happened”, but that’s not true. So, today’s the day. Tomorrow I’m starting a new path. I lost 40 pounds, gave up this way of eating June 6, 2006 and gained it all back, plus about 20 pounds extra.

January 12, 2007 ~ weight 234.5 lbs:
I had a bunch of health problems last year, so my attitude took a deep nosedive south. I’ve come to accept everything, so I’m feeling better about it, most days. Of course, when I took the nosedive, I also gave myself permission to go completely off the wagon ~ which only succeeded in causing me to nosedive even further south. It’s a viscous cycle. I lost 60 pounds by October 2007, and then “maintained ” through the holidays. I gained 12 pounds.

January 2, 2008 ~ weight 188.5 lbs:
I’m restarting today ~ I’ve pretty much been maintaining the past few months, give or take a few pounds ~ My pants still fit, so that’s a good sign. Haven’t been on the scale though, and won’t until I’ve finished up P1 again. Although, I do have a dr. appointment today. Who was the brainiac who scheduled a dr appt right after the most fattening holidays ever invented??? Oh right, that was me 🙂 Anyway, I’m going shopping tonight and restocking my fridge. I’m looking forward to getting rid of my excess baggage this year. Have lost 15 pounds to date and am continuing on this journey. It’s slow progress, but I’m planning on persevering this time.

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