My Workout

Yesterday, I did an hour of elliptical, 15 minutes bike, and some strength training for my legs. As I was working out, I realized I had not changed up the songs on my playlist for almost a year. I need some new tunes! If anyone reads this, what tunes would you recommend? What works for you?

2 thoughts on “My Workout

  1. my elliptical playlist includes (but in no order and no names, I’m bad with artist names, but I’m sure you can find on Itunes):Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, Welcome to the Jungle, Firestarter, Busy Child, Cobrastyle, A Little Less Conversation (with King Junior I think, its not Elvis).


  2. Greta ~ Lots of great suggestions. I have the first two on there currently, but will look into the others. Of course, I’m going on the elliptical again tonight with the same old playlist ~ I hope to change it up this weekend.


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