My Workout

Tonight, I did an hour of elliptical, 15 minutes bike, and some strength training for my legs. As I was working out, I realized I had not changed up the songs on my playlist for almost a year. I need some new tunes! What tunes would you recommend? What works for you?

7 thoughts on “My Workout

  1. I workout (when I have the time and inclination) to Van Halen’s first album and Boston’s first album. Very rockin, and way cool. Oh, I admit that I also have Mary Carves the Chicken’s greatest hits on my mp3 as well *g*.


  2. An hour on the elliptical??? Wow! I can do about 15 minutes before I’m huffing and puffing like I’ve run a marathon. I’m a treadmill girl.Let’s see, my current workout list has:Low by Flo RidaDangerous by Ying Yang TwinsGloria by Laura BraniganSexyBack by Justin TimberlakeJump Around by House of PainStronger by Kanye WestAnd a bunch of other stuff.Good luck! I love making workout playlists.


  3. sigh. I won’t be back to swimming for 6 weeks. My body has turned to mush.Rage, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, Kidd Rock are excellent for spinning class. Which I havent been to in a while. 6 weeks. And counting.


  4. Don’t kill me now.ABBASeriously, just try and be a couch potato while listening to it. I just bought a ‘workout’ disk of ABBA – basically the music is faster and there is a fast beat in there.Hey Mickey and others that have big band attached to them.And an hour!? You go!! I can’t wait to get the treadmill in it’s spot (yeah right, listen to me acting all excited) so I can finally get some exercise going!What tunes do you have right now?CindyS


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