Reason 1,999,9999 Why I Love My Family

So, everyone knows I’m dieting. And my family, God love them, are so supportive. Just one example ~ a few weeks ago, my sister invited me over for dinner but warned me ahead of time that she was making skillet barbecue chicken (a no-no on my eating plan). I said no problem, I’d stop and pick up some lettuce and have a salad. I get to my sister’s house and my mom has broiled me a chicken breast w/ veggies and it was absolutely delicious.

Tonight, same thing. She was making Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (the really, really good ones with the bread). Again, a no-no on my eating plan. So, again ~ not a problem. I’m thinking ahead and will just bring fixins’ for a great salad. Well, my sister calls from the store and asks what kind of lettuce I like (isn’t that sweet??) ~ which, I like everything except iceburg. Then she calls again and asks what kind of oil I like. I said it just depended on what I was making ~ she said, “Oh, well you were going to make a dressing last night but I didn’t have the right oil. I thought I’d pick some up because you’re at the house a lot with the girls.” Again, so nice. I don’t ask anyone to make any accomodations for me. I choose to live this way and can always plan around things. But the fact that they do these things and are so supportive is just so humbling sometimes. Especially for as independent as I like to think I am.

Sunday, we’re going to Mom’s for dinner so she can show off her new kitchen. Of course, I’ve been grilled up one side and down the other on what I can/cannot eat (…, choose to eat/choose not to eat, thank you very much). How great are these people?? I really can make anything work, but she’s going to make ham (lean cut), fresh veggies, and salad. I tell you, I thank God I have such a great support system with these people.

6 thoughts on “Reason 1,999,9999 Why I Love My Family

  1. Dev – I am so very happy for you!!I have anxiety around food so it’s different for me. I get anxious if people make a fuss so I would do what you do and just plan around it or even bring a salad myself. I have so much weight to lose but I haven’t told my family that I’m on a diet. I don’t need the pressure (from my mom – you know, that’s not something you should eat. Then I get to the right weight and my mother complains I don’t eat enough – can’t win. I know it’s not in my head because Bob has said he’s never met so many people interested in one person’s eating habits. Wish they would worry about someone else already!!)Whoops, sorry, I really am happy for you and it is a blessing to have people who are so supportive of you!CindyS


  2. That’s awesome Dev, to have such a great supportive family. Instead of rolling their eyes or saying “you don’t need to watch what you eat”, they are helping you because they know it’s important to you, and of course they love you, so they want to help. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy today. So sweet.


  3. Good luck on the diet! I’ve been watching what I eat since November. It’s so hard. Some days are good, and some are not so good, but it’s so much easier when you have people supporting you!


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