10 pounds, that is. Gone for good. Which, if I’m honest, is what I gained from my “break” during the holidays. But ’tis okay. I expected it. My goal is to lose another 8.5 pounds before my next doctor’s appointment March 5; and then another 10 pounds before vacation on April 23. I think I can do it. Jeez, I better now since I have it in writing.

With that said, I’ve got to get better at going to the gym. I just hate the New Year’s rush and fighting to even get a machine. If I don’t get an elliptical, I’ll usually do something else, but my heart just isn’t in it. Then, of course, there are always other things that come up. Monday, for example, I was all set to go ~ had to my bag packed and everything; then my sister called and needed a ride home (hubby had been working on her car and was now stuck at home with all 4 kids). Well, I ended up bagging the gym for dinner at my sister’s and by the time I got home, I didn’t want to do aerobics. Tuesday was Walmart and Costco day so hadn’t planned on anything. Tonight should have been gym night, but Mom’s in town so will go bumming around with her instead. Tomorrow, dinner at my sister’s. Friday. Okay, Friday’s a go. I can make that happen. Saturday and Sunday should be free and clear also. Then the week starts all over again. See how easily it comes to avoid? So, I need to get better.

And yay, next week I can start having carbs again. It’s a sad, sad thing when the only thing you’re really excited about is a bowl of oatmeal.

So, where are my fellow dieters out in blogland? How are things going for you? What’s keeping you motivated?


I’ve discovered a few new favorite tv shows. FitTv and Discovery Health are some of my new must-see-tv stations. The National Body Challenge on Discovery Health is awesome. I love it. I also really like Healthy Decadence on FitTv even if Devin Alexander is a tad annoying ~ she’s got some good ideas.


I’m still on the fence about The Biggest Loser. I’ve never watched it before, but decided to tune in this season for some motivation and maybe some tips. Yeah, not so much. A lot of yelling, a lot of pushing limits, and I’m thinking to myself “this is supposed to be motivating?” I’d probably tell them none-too-politely to kiss off and just up and leave. I’m sorry, but yelling at me does not motivate me to do anything except to yell back. Then there’s the whole how-healthy-can-this-really-be factor. The overabundance of excercise and the huge amounts of weight loss within a week’s time just doesn’t seem healthy to me. How are they going to continue those habits when they leave the house? Are they going to be able to maintain/continue losses? Are they learning to lead a healthy lifestyle? What about a support system? The questions keep coming…… Last night’s episode, though, was better than last week’s so I’ll tune in for another week. I just can’t stop myself.

11 thoughts on “Gone….

  1. Hey there, diet is going ok. Monday I didn’t exercise cause I had to help Joey with his traffic school stuff. I did exercise for 10 minutes in the morning. Not great but I was happy I rolled out of bed to do it. Then after work, I did 30 minutes. Food wise. I’m ok. I did have a piece of see’s. I haven’t weighed myself though. It’s that time and I feel so bloated and blah. But awesome on the 10 pounds. I’m jealous girl.


  2. Izzy ~ Foodwise, I’m doing awesome. It’s the other stuff. As far the 10 pounds, well, I’ve read your blog ~ I’m slightly (*cough, cough*) heavier than you. 🙂


  3. I have trouble with biggest loser for the same reason. People say how motivating it is, but all it does is make me feel bad for not being ble to lose a squillion pounds a week, and the fact is most of them don’t keep it off and ‘behind the scenes’ things aren’t really done in a healthy way.Were in on here though, I would probably watch it, if for no other reason than to complain loudly at the TV.


  4. I’m on the starting rung of my diet. I think the first few weeks are tough because your body isn’t used to the fiber or the lack of whatever it wants. I weigh in tomorrow night and there are some serious prayers being said. Not that I’m not following the program, I am, just that the weight will come off. I’m not exercising yet. I figure if I can get my portions under control and trim the crap from my diet first the exercise will come with it.All I know is that this year I’m dedicated to losing weight. I’m even realistic in that I’m always reminding myself that by this time next year I’ll be thin-ish 😉 I think 140 is the weight index so I guess that’s where I’m heading although I’m more into 10 lbs at a time. I’ll worry about where to stop when I get closer to it.Great news on the 10 lbs and exercising three days is better than not going at all. And hopefully by February, the ones who aren’t into a lifestyle change will leave those elliptical trainers alone for you 😉


  5. I’m doing ok. I’ve lost 7 pounds. The job leaves me NO time to exercise, and this time I feel like I’m not even using it as an excuse. I’m working 12 hour days, and then seeing my family in the evenings, which is more important. But so far the weight is coming off. Soon I’ll have to firm up though. That’s when I’ll be in trouble.Congrats on getting back to it!


  6. 10lbs is awesome Dev! congrats!I need to sign up to a gym or something. I really need to start doing some exercise, but I’m just too lazy.My problem with The Biggest Loser is that when you have so much to lose, it’s slightly easier to lose it. And they spent their whole days losing weight… so don’t feel bad Dev because you have a life.


  7. TC ~ Yeah, it’s the behind the scenes stuff I wonder about. Are they given tools to succeed back in “real life” or is this just a crash diet of sorts and are setup to fail?Cindy ~ I know my exercise will come easier next week when I get some good carbs in me 🙂 As it is now, I struggle to get my 30 minutes in (when a machine is available, that is). Next week, I’m committing to 6 days.Lori ~ 12 hour days? Yikes, you barely have enough to time to go home and unwind before it starts all over again. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing. Congrats on the 7 pounds!!!Stacy ~ Thanks 🙂 I just need to get this done. It’s amazing how much better my attitude is when I’m taking care of myself.Nath ~ I have a gym membership, and normally I feel like in order to make it worth the money I pay I need to go alot. Yeah, not so much lately. I’m the queen of excuses. Next week, though ~ 6 days.


  8. Jen ~ Thanks so much. My exercise is still below par, but I’m working on it. Next week, though. No more excuses.Roni ~ Hey, thanks for stopping by 🙂


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