9 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. What a great idea! Thanks Devonna for putting this up on you page. Didn’t make it to your bookstore on Saturday. We cut our trip a bit short and started home early in the morning on Saturday because I am a freak! There was a small, very minor problem with our hot water heater and I was worried about the kids (who were here with my Mom and sister). My hubby fixed it in all of 5 minutes, so all is well! LOL Next time for sure 🙂


  2. Jen ~ I was wondering if you’d been there or not. It was pretty busy that day ~ We had an author signing and then fund raisers for two schools and one non-profit. I was sure I’d missed you if you’d been there. Well, definitely next time.

    Stacy ~ You’re welcome! It’s a great thing that she’s doing.


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