Goings On

I’ve requested North and South from our library and should have it by 12/07. I can then join the ranks of everyone else in blogland who has watched it thanks to fangirl Kristie ๐Ÿ™‚


A group of us are going to see Enchanted tonight. I think it would be better to go a different weekend, but I’ve been outvoted. So, I’ll brave the crowds. We’re going to the 8pm show, so hopefully the crowds won’t be too bad.


Finally, during Thanksgiving somehow the conversation turned to me getting new tires and I had said that I’d gotten some in October because my goal was to get my tires replaced before the snow flew. My sister then informed me that she and her hubby were going to get me tires for Christmas. So, I hinted none to subtly that they could go to ebookwise.com and get me the ebookwise 1500 instead. Wonder if I’ll get it? I hope I do. If not, I guess I’ll be saving my pennies to get one next year.

11 thoughts on “Goings On

  1. Yay! for North and South. Can’t wait to see what you think. Like I’ve said before Richard Armitage’s voice sends shivers down my spine.I want to see ENCHANTED the men I live with not so much. GG might break down and take me, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe my sister or one of my nieces will go with me.Holly brought her Ebookwise to our SoCal blogger get together. I thought one great option was to flip it and read it using either hand. That’s an important option for me with my arthritis in my hands. Of course I still haven’t gotten one. We got new tires last month too, and now the TV. Guess I can’t complain if I have to wait awhile for the ebookwise especially since I can read books on my phone.


  2. Rosie ~ Well, considering GG will sit down and watch North & South with you, I’ll bet you could get him to go to Enchanted ๐Ÿ™‚Jodi ~ Will do! It does look cute. I hope it’s as good as the trailer makes it out to be.


  3. This is weird. My husband LOVED Enchanted. He detests Susan Sarandon and liked seeing her *SPOILER* get hurled to her death in a firey ball of fury. We took our 11 year old and she wasn’t so sure how she felt about the movie (being a ‘tween is so confusing).


  4. Lisabea ~ Kiddo and I loved it. We went with a group of friends and we all really enjoyed it. It’s great when a movie you’ve been wanting to see really is as terrific as you wanted it to be.


  5. Kristie ~ I’ll be checking out things over in your area to see what’s going on. Hm, I wonder if it has something to do with North and South (she asks expectantly)


  6. Oh please tell me what you thought of Enchanted. I haven’t seen a movie since Ratatouille and it looks like my next will be another Disney movie. I just can’t resist a good Disney film.Dev, I have an ebookwise reader (was convinced by Holly) and it ROCKS! I can’t tell you how much time/money/space it’s saved me. I travel quite a bit for work, and I used to carry a separate carry-on bag just for books. No longer! I can just bring this and the charger and I’m set to go. Really, I highly recommend it.


  7. Daphne ~ I absolutely loved Enchanted and so did kiddo. The first 10 minutes or so are a little over the top. On purpose, of course, because it’s trying to include just about every sappy moment from all of our beloved Disney moments into the film. Julie Andrews does the narration at the beginning and end and I absolutely love her! Giselle had me laughing almost all the way through the movie and her friendship with Robert and his daughter Morgan was just beautiful. I hope you like it ~ I’d recommend it. I’ll be buying this one when it comes out in DVD.


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