Catching Up

I’m halfway through Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty. Very good so far ~ I love Elly and Asa. I hope to finish it up this morning sometime so I’ll post more on that later. I’m also halfway through Daring Moves by Linda Lael Miller, and I’ve started The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt.


Dr. was on Thursday. My bloodwork is excellent (good), the spot on my spleen is a cyst and they see no reason to have to remove it at this time (good), the bulge on my rib is called Costochondritis, otherwise known as Tietze’s Syndrome, and there’s really nothing they can do (bad). I could opt for physical therapy, but I think I’ll wait on that for now. Another option is cortizone shots. Surgery is a last resort. So, it’s more monitoring and I go back again January 2. I’m not sure how to feel about that. The pain ranges from very uncomfortable to almost unbearable ~ ~ and this is everyday. Finally, he did put me back on zoloft again. Which is good ~ I need something to even me out. I don’t like this person I am right now. Hey, and it comes in generic now too, so that’s good.


I went shopping the other day. One skirt, 5 shirts, and a pair of pants. All for $70.00. Not bad. I think I have enough clothes to get me through now. Plus, I don’t plan on being this size forever. I still have more weight to lose. But I had no clothes for the winter ~~ and I’ll be able to wear these even as I lose ~ they may get too big, but I’ll still be able to wear them. And then I guess I’ll have to go shopping again.


And I binged again. Bought more books ~ like I need anymore. I’ve run out of room in my linen closet.

Mackenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard
The Duke in Disguise by Gayle Callen
The Lord Next Door by Gayle Callen
The Viscount in Her Bedroom by Gayle Callen
If Only in My Dreams by Wendy Markham
In My Wildest Fantasties by Julianne MacLean
Mistletoe and Holly by Janet Dailey
Highlander in Her Dreams by Allie Mackay
Winter Fire by Jo Beverley

12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. ((Hugs)) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the health front. On the clothes front – woohoo! I’m one who actually loves shopping for smaller clothes. Congrats!As for the books… I’m glad you’re liking the Promises bookks. The last one is the best, IMO. Lots of controversy though, over which is the best – everyone seems to have their favorite πŸ™‚Loved The Raven Prince, too! And the other two in that series. And I love Linda Lael Miller, too. You have such a great lineup going. I’m jealous! And the Howard and Callens you just picked up are great as well. And who doesn’t love Janet Dailey? As I said – way jealous of your reading over the next couple months. Enjoy!!


  2. I’m another one of the huge fans of the PROMISE series by McCarty. You have such a treat with those books. The Elizabeth Hoyt books too, but MACKENZIE’S MOUNTAIN? Holy crap that’s a good book.I’m with Lori…woo-freakin’-hoo on the smaller clothes shopping. You sure deserve the splurge after all your hard work and dedication working out and losing weight.As for the rest of your health issues, just take care of yourself. Okay?


  3. I’ll say some prayers for your pain. Health issues suck!!I love buying new clothes…especially when they’re on sale!!! Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy if you ask me!


  4. Phew, glad to hear the spot was a cyst. Would cortizone shots help with the pain for the bulge? I’m all for keeping pain at bay! And I completely get evening yourself out. I’m always vigilant in that department. On that note, I need to set up my SAD light. I’m on Effexor (I believe it’s an anti-depressant that also helps curb my panic attacks. I can still get them but I have to really work myself up. Happens but usually I can stop it before it gets too far with ‘coping’ mechanisms.*sigh* I don’t even worry about my clothing size anymore. Whatever fits is what gets worn and lately I have been getting compliments on my clothing because I’m dressing up despite my weight. I know when I’m ready I’ll deal with it but there is just one too many things to deal with right now. So super congratulations on the weight loss because that is A LOT of hard, determined work. Yay, you!!CindyS


  5. Lori ~ I don’t mind shopping as much as I used to, that’s for sure. But, I don’t want to go on a “real” shopping trip until I’m at my goal weight. I’ll have to get through the rest of the of the stories in the Promise series, but am looking forward to Clint and Jenna’s story.Rosie ~ I’m really looking forward to some vacation time so I can get some reading done. I’ve got lots of good books that are just waiting to be read.Jodi ~ I used to absolutely hate shopping. I hated trying on clothes and would just grab and go. It’s gotten better. I’ve learned what clothes flatter my body type so it’s not nearly that bad experience it used to be.Cindy ~ Cortizone shots are an option, but Dr. B wants me to try physical therapy first. I had cortizone shots in my foot last year ~ hurt like hell and only alleviated the pain for a short amount of time. So, I’m debating.


  6. Some good news – yay. And some not so good news – well, just take care of yourself, and pamper yourself as well. Listen to your dr. Sorry it has to hurt.I know shopping is not one of your fave things, but you deserve it. And there are worse things in the world to be addicted to than books.


  7. I hope the good news continues πŸ˜€ I’m happy for you though on the health front πŸ˜› and wow, you’ve been shopping πŸ˜€ but then, who am I to talk? LOL πŸ˜›


  8. Stacy ~ True, books are an addiction I can live with. Just wish I had the time to tackle the TBR pile. πŸ™‚Izzy ~ Thanks!Crystal ~ This is my second McCarty and I have to say she’s pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Promises series.Nath ~ Me too. Now if I could just get rid of the rest of this weight. That’ll be the next thing I tackle.


  9. I seriously hate that you have pain with the costochondritis. Is there any chance it will resolve itself?I’m glad about the cyst, though. YEA!!!Good for you on having to buy smaller clothes!!!<>Mackenzie’s Mountain<> is simply divine.How was the date that wasn’t really a date??


  10. Jen ~ I’m not sure. It’s been there 7 months now. I take lots of aleve and tylenol pm everyday.The date that wasn’t a date didn’t happen. Friend who was the brainchild behind all of it got sick. Not sure yet if we’re going to try to reschedule for another time.


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