Okay, I appreciate the fact that the clerk at Albertson’s was trying to give me a deal. I really do. Being on a budget and all, I appreciate every penny I can pinch. However, a free bunch of bananas is equal to a panicky Dev baking before the bananas go completely bad. Why? Because I cannot eat a bunch of bananas before they begin to rot. So, my day has consisted of baking banana muffins, banana bread, banana oat breakfast cookies, banana oat muffins, and let’s not forget the banana pancakes. I’d share, but they’re all baked with Splenda because I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum ~ nothing health related, really. Just trying to keep the carbs down. Which is an oxymoron considering what I’ve been baking today ~ but hey, they’re all good carbs.

9 thoughts on “Bananas

  1. Chantal ~ Sorry 😀 FOr what it’s worth, the banana muffins didn’t turn out that great (I tried a new recipe). The breakfast cookies are a family recipe and always turn out fantastic.


  2. My banana story! I once bought a bunch at a reduced price because I planned to make some chocolate chip banana muffins and a banana loaf – it was a big bunch. I got home only to discover I had no flour so then I had to get flour. Me, being me, am very slow to do things. It was a couple of days before I got around to getting the flour. Then a couple days later to get around to baking. Well – they were already turning when I bought them so you can imagine what they were like by the time I got to baking. I’m afraid the only thing I got out of the deal was a bad case of fruit flies that took days to get rid of. My sister just rolled her eyes, shook her head at me and swatted fruit flies.


  3. Kristie ~ Ha ha. Well, now I don’t feel so bad that I spent a panicked day of baking to get rid of these brown bananas. Now my biggest problem is going to be eating them. I’ll need to make room in the freezer now.


  4. Okay, I don’t bake… so let me ask you, how big was the bunch? cos it sounds like it was a biiig bunch of bananas 😀 But it’s good, you have goodies for the whole week 😀


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